Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just Call Me Johnny Cash

Contrary to what I post on my blog, in my real wardrobe life, I'm like the Black Widow. All black, all the time. It's the root cause as to why my blog posts on outfits are few and far between --- because I'm usually in black --- and its the reason that I'm thinking about creating a strategic plan just for my wardrobe choices. Because how many black dresses does a girl really need? Someone needs to do a gap analysis on my closet. Tell me what I'm missing and then remind me why I shouldn't buy anymore black dresses. But Lord knows I just can't help it.

Secondly, everyone knows, black doesn't photograph well. It looks boring. It can come out grey. Or it can be like my sorry photos: out of focus, blurry, and down and out crummy.

[Please to excuse my blurry and crummy photos.]

My rule of thumb has been that if I wear a black dress, I pass on the outfit post because a black dress is no fun and I've had no good luck with photographing them. Today, I had to make an exception to that rule, because this dress, ladies, was worth the trouble. At $80 on the 40% off sale rack, I won't go into how long I've been stalking this dress. In my work world, the black shirt dress can do no wrong. & this one hid 95% of all my bumps I would want camoflouged and can keep it business during the day or make it fabilis at night.

[Using my Jedi Mind Tricks, you will ignore my dirty mirror. Pretty please.]
It's an Ann Taylor shirt dress, lined, and with sleeves that roll up three-quarter style. It has a draped assymetrical cumberbund across the waist. It does not wrap, button funny, or have odd buttons running down the front of the skirt. In essence, it is my perfect black shirt dress. & take it from me, ladies. I am the Queen of the Black Shirtdress. I have millions. But this little pretty, it's my favorite. This week. He he.

Changing the subject, I thought I'd photograph some of the orchids blooming in my mom's yard. How gorgeous are these??

Purple dendrobiums, you complete me!