Thursday, December 31, 2009

Compulsory Trip Photos.

So I must bid Europe 'Adieu' tomorrow and start the trek back east to Japan. & I'm going to miss Europe something major, because we've had a great time and have seen and experienced some amazing things. But at the same time, I've been contemplating what I liked best and what I didn't like so much.

First, there have been things I've seen that I love so very much. Rome, for instance, equaled utmost love. The Eternal City has my heart. Germany, especially Munich and neighboring Salzburg in Austria... all I can say is I totally get it, I could totally live there. Totally. Love the beer, love the countryside, love the cleanliness and the food. & really. If I can love the food of a place, I'm g-double-o-d-good. Hence I'm a size 6. I thought Paris was beautiful, and I will have to return in the summer at least once in the not-too-distant future, but I won't be staying again for 2 weeks. I liked it, but next trip I'd love to try Prague, Budhapest, Vienna and cut through Germany. In the summer.

Well, thought I'd post a few of the Salzburg and Venice pics. Europe is gorgeous. But I'm ready to go home where Sushi, Tempura, and Ramen reign supreme.

My little guy and I at the top of Hohensalzburg castle. The view was amazing. I look like Kelly Pickler after the Botox rumors. I think I was talking to the Hubby through my teeth. Something like, Hurry please!

My little guy and his Pooh Blanket. The Pooh Blanket goes everywhere.

A view of the Alps.

The town of Salzburg. Cute as a button.

The Grand Canal in Venice taken at night and without a tripod. Apologies if you feel tipsy after looking at this for too long.

My little guy and I on the Lagoon.

A gondola and a canal at night, on the way back to the train station.
Happy New Year, Ladies! One of the highlights of the year 2009 was starting this blog and meeting such awesome peeps. Cheers to you all and have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Come home to Momma, Sweetness!

Is it wrong to have something for oneself gift-wrapped? LOL. I mean, really. What's wrong with a little green bow and a box to go with it? Hubs is calling it an early birthday gift (my b-day is next month). Made a trip to the Champs Elysee Louis Vuitton store tonight for this specific purchase which I have been sweating for the last 6 months or so. If you read my blog, you know I so sweat the purchases - I have to analyze. I'm a big analyzer. That's mah job 40 hours a week, it's what I do best. But it leaves me with absolutely no room for casual purchases. It means anything and everything over, let's say, $100 - is scrutinized to the most minute, minor detail.

The bag in question? Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Medium size, Damier Print. I know many of you also have the Neverfull and I'm sure you have your reasons as to why you love this bag. Mine are probably pretty similar. First, the shape of this bag is perfect for me. I like my bags big with lots of room to throw important, life-saving things in. Like... legos and army soldiers and Nintendo DSi consoles. & perhaps the occassional wallet and keys, too. Like I said earlier, I analyze. So instead of buying the bag last July as an Anniversary gift for myself, I decided to wait on the bag until we got to Paris for a) So that I could buy my Louis in Paris and b) So that I could take advantage of the Value Added Tax rebate that I'd get back as part of the deal. Option B makes me think that the bag is actually a deal, because it would now be approx. 20% cheaper. I think.

Second, I chose the damier print for its darker color which I think matches more of what I wear. I'm sort of a subdued type of gal who likes her blacks, greys and navy colors and this bag rolls with my homies like that. It's subtle. Third, I love, love, love the red interior with Champs Elysee printed on it. Even though I could have bought this bag anywhere and it would say that, I know I'll always remember Paris when I open up the bag and see that in there.
As you can gather we're still here in Paris, soaking up a few more days of vacation before heading back to Japan. The last few days have been a blur. Rome, Venice, Salzburg and Munich have come and gone and now we're a tired bunch who just wants to hang out and chill. Which gives me un moment or deux with my laptop. There's so much craziness and hustle and bustle, it's nice to chill out and just have a glass of wine and write about nothing that important. Like my new Neverfull.

Happy face in our home-away-from-home Paris apartment, taking OOTD pics while Hubs laughs at me.

All J.Crew
COLLECTION Vintage Fleur silk tiered top
Black Maya cardigan
"Belt" is the black silk tie that came with the Fleur top
Minnie black pants

Incidentally, this whole outfit got swapped out shortly after these pics were taken for a comfy J.Crew cashmere hoodie and dark denim jeans with black riding boots. We were headed to Disneyland Paris and needed comfiness. The outfit above was cute, but when you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it.

Hope everyone's week leading up to 2010 is a fun one.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Apartment in Paris

Just a quick post to share some photos taken yesterday.

A 5 minute walk from our apartment we're renting while we're here. Our place is literally around the corner from Champ de Mars park and has turned out to be very convenient. It's approximately a 10 minute walk from the metro and has a cheese shop, a deli, a produce market, a boulangerie / patisserie and a tons of cafes just a few steps away. It is in an old building with this view:

& the best part - a washer / dryer, a petite kitchen, and space for my little guy to stretch out in. Besides that, the price was very, very reasonable... approx. $125 a night. At Christmas & New Years. With a view of the Eiffel Tower. We were really lucky to find it. The interior is only ok with the best part being the windows and the view. The rest is very simple, but we're only here to sleep, relax between stops, etc., so it's no biggie. I'm sure if we spent more we would have gotten that, but this is great and perfect for our family. As I have more time I'll make sure to post more pics of the apartment and talk more about it in another post.

Walking around yesterday we found Mariage Freres, and if you're a tea fan, this is major. TOOTD, these shots are for you, girl!

Today we're sticking around "our neighborhood," seeing the Eiffel Tower, walking Rue Cler (Rue Rick Steves) and just enjoying scenery. We're hopping an overnight train to Rome tonight!

Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas Week! Joyeaux Noel!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Trying to look fab infront of the Arc de Triomphe - My little guy, moi, & the Hubby.

& we are here! It has been a long, long trip so far. To start with, we left Japan and flew to Seoul, South Korea and stayed there overnight. Our connecting flight to Frankfurt was 11 hours, which truly was not so bad. Yes, it was long, but the food was good, there was room to breathe, and the scenery kept us engaged. Entertained ourselves with the map function on the video screen, trying to figure out where the heck we were. We flew over Mongolia, Siberia, St. Petersburg, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus to get to Frankfurt. We had an excellent though very short time in Frankfurt before finally getting to Paris last night.

Let me say, peeps, that arriving in Paris at night and hauling baggage through the metro does not imprint well on moi. I was not a happy girl schlepping les sacs across the Seine. But it all worked out. We are in an apartment in the 7th with a view of the Eiffel Tower from our living room, bellies full from a late lunch at Laduree and calories burned from all the walking!

It's not too cold here - much warmer than Germany - and we are all comfortable and happy.

Hoping your week leading up to Christmas is a fun one!

Hugs from Paris!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag is cute...

While I've missed the boat on a number of fabilis, fabilis items from J.Crew recently, I do get lucky once in a while. Here's the Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag, for your perusal. Shannon at Wardrobe Review did an excellent review of the bag here. The bag is currently waitlisted thru 1.31.2010 on the website and retails at FP for $198. I was lucky to snag this somehow in-between waitlists and with the recent 25% off promo. It shipped very quickly and I received it earlier this week.

My first impression was along the lines of, Dang this chain is heavy. Which is of course a good thing, right? No one wants a cheapy chain. The tweed is very nice. It is much more dimensional than the midnight tweed skirt, but it is less so than the blush tweed pencil skirt's material, if you've ever seen these two items. Off that bat, me loveth tweed in any shape or form. I was happy with this one. I wasn't bouncing off the walls happy, love at first-style, but I was happy.

The charms on the side are very cute and definitely add a nice touch to the overall look of the bag. My big beef with this little guy is the interior, which right now I'm wondering why I didn't take a pic of. It's just plain, ecru-colored canvas. Duck cloth. I was hoping that with an exterior as cute as this, and the fact that this little guy is Collection, the interior would be lined in something more luxurious than plain canvas.

I guess what it comes to is that I'm very happy I used the discount on this one. I'll be taking this bad boy to Paris with me tomorrow. Yes, I leave tomorrow! I'm packing right now for myself, my little guy and the hubby. Hubby has given me carte blanche on the bag packing situation. We are packing some major layers, some major coats, the kitchen sink and the whole shi-bang because we checked the weather and all I can say is... wow. Needless to say us west coast peeps are not used to cold temps.

This will be my last post before we go and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hopefully I'll be able to post while I'm on the trip but if not I will have tons to show y'all when I get back. I'm going to miss my bloggie gal pals and I hope you all have memorable holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Official - I'm hopping on the crazy train.

Note: This may be a little of a rant, but it must be said!

This is the Jaspe Sequined Slouchy Sweatshirt that I am so desperate to have, I've just inquired with a Personal Shopper-slash-Mysterious-Clothing-Sleuth to find it for me, Sherlock Holmes style. Adding to the list, I've asked her to locate a Bistro mini in Black and the Sequined Starland Tank in Navy that I'd get a chance to wear before next summer. What is up with the inventory levels this year, J.Crew? I feel like we've been reading Goldilocks just one too many times. You know, last year's inventory levels were much too high, and the company's stock price suffered for that (as well as us fashionistas, seeing the same old tired thing in Final Sale again and again). This year, there's just not enough inventory to go around and we are all seeing the dreaded Waitlist pop up. I want a happy medium! Is that so much to ask for? Mah goodness! Must I call in the Personal Shopping peeps just so I can get my grubby paws on a sequin or two?

Ok. I feel a little better now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Two-Parter: Sweet & Bittersweet


Kathy & Seashell, from their blog Two Hands Full of Daisies, and Jemma Ruby who writes Diary of a Wonder Woman, for the Sweet Friends Award! I love having all of you ladies in the blogosphere, really. I'm blessed to be able to share all my crazy, whacked out fashion ideas with. All of you girls are the best!

10 Things that Make me Happy:

1. Having my little guy and my big guy with me at all times. I might complain about it once in a while, but they are my heart and my happiness.

2. Having girls who care enough to read the zany and odd quirky things I write about here. Thanks for every one of you who reads and sees all the crazy fashion-infused antics I go through. You ladies have totally offered me an outlet to talk about my loves for fashion and I am truly thankful. Hubs don't want to hear it. :-)

3. Traveling and Planning to Travel, especially to some place new.

4. Work. My job is one of the kick-ass-est jobs ever. I love every day of it and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, I lie. Maybe for a promotion, but only if I get to still do what I do. The people, the opportunities, the craziness... All of it brings a smile to my face.

5. Talking with my mom and my sister. Especially when they're together. Then all heck breaks loose.

6. Hearing my little guy laugh.

7. Happening on J.Crew in the wee hours of the morning and finding a major, major find as a pop-back in final sale. & getting a huge discount on said item. Ohhh, the feeling of accomplishment that brings!

8. Vintage 50's & 60's sheets.

9. Occupied-Japan era Noritake.

10. A sandy beach on a hot day with no one on it except me and my boys. & some Bud Light Lime. :-)

Those I think should get the award:


& now...


Can we talk about the J.Crew items that I either missed or, if I choose to pull the trigger on, will be waiting for until practically Spring Equinox before ever seeing these gorgeous items grace my mailbox? *sigh* I like to also call this section the Why in the Hell did I WAIT to get these?? & Now look!

1. The Wool Bristro Mini - In any stinking color would have been great. I think grey is the only color now available in my size. & the wait list is until Feb or Mar.

2. The Sequined Starland Tank in Navy. Waitlisted until Feb. By then I will have no parties to go to. Thanks for thinking about my budget, there, J.Crew.

3. The Jaspe Sequined Slouchy Sweatshirt, which I've only seen in the Christmas in Chile Holiday Catalog but deemed totally swoon-worthy paired with ankle toothpick jeans and a black blazer. Must. Have. Hate that feeling when you know something is fabulous and COLLECTION and yet it will never meet your grubby hands.

4. The Stripe Tissue Tee. Either in the light grey or navy color. Waitlisted until March. March! I want this tee so bad. Why did I wait? What was I thinking? Do I comply with the order to wait or do I just walk away? Both options are heart-wrenching.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It Looks Like I DIY'd My Dress...

It's pretty much down to the wire in my closet right now. There are huge gaping holes where clothes should be, and all my loverlies are either in my car in the drycleaning back waiting to be taken in, or at the drycleaner waiting to be picked up by Momma (that's moi). So for today's outfit, I had to reach in the back recesses and really shop my closet. He he. I'm lucky I'm such a clotheshorse and have enough to go around, you know, for dire, emergency-filled times like these.


Dress: Banana Republic from Spring 09
Cardigan: Black cardigan from J.Crew. It was their light cotton one they came out with this Summer.
Belt: Black skinny leather from J.Crew
Shoes: INC black ankle booties from Macy's
Tights: Windowpane cheapies from a Japanese sock store, Tutuana
Bracelet: J.Crew Pearl Cluster from Spring 09

Had to give you a glimpse of the tights and the shoe. My thigh looks massive but it's all ok. I was just trying to show off the cute pattern on the tights.
Just got in the mail today my Cherry Blossom Frances top, Wool Olive top, and the too fabs for words Jeweled Garland bracelet, below. I love it. It was a great price and I haven't gotten any new bracelets or jewelry from J.Crew since the grey Bubble necklace. I like the huge cut glass thing. Very "Grandma's Closet."

Lastly, here's my little guy from this morning. Today's the last day of being a 5-yr old. Tomorrow, He's 6. Where did the time go? (No, I didn't go to Stanford, but we love to get him college shirts. He says he wants to be a Navy Pilot. He's been watching Behind Enemy Lines quite a bit lately. Small obsession with Annapolis and the Naval Academy. But he's tall, thin, loves swimming and Dad's prepping him for volleyball as we're West Coast peeps. He's a shoe-in for water polo, I think, later on. Doesn't Stanford have a water polo team? Yes, you say? Well then, perfect!)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Procrastinating So I Won't Have To Wrap Gifts

Anything to keep my hands busy and not with Christmas Cards or Gift Wrapping! I loathe both at this point and am feeling somewhat like a Mr. Scrooge or Grinch. The light at the end of the tunnel is that I have 10 more cards to write up (just 10!) and only a handful (maybe 6 or 7) of gifts to wrap and mail. Work has been incredibly hectic lately with early drives in, leaving late and gym visits to keep off all the food I've been inhaling because of the holidays and stress!

Aaaack! I feel like Kathy from the cartoon strip.

Well, to procrastinate and put off my holiday responsibilities, here are some Polyvores I made for our holiday trip to Europe. Yes, the trip!
Hubs, my little guy (6 years old in 2 days!) and I will be off to Germany, Paris, and Belgium, with a special trip to Rome for Christmas. Cross your fingers for me that all my train reservations, eurail passes, etc. will work out and my plans will actually come to fruition! The itinerary looks a bit random, I know. Our plan - when we could finally agree - was to visit Germany, Paris and Belgium. However when looking for rail tickets/passes, we decided to add Italy to the mix and thought of going to Rome for Christmas. It was a late add-in, but it's always fun to add in a little of the unexpected. I don't know when we'll be able to go back to Europe in the next few years, so this will be a very special occasion for us.
We've found a lovely vacation apartment rental in Paris in the 7th with a view of the Eiffel Tower from the living room. It was a deal compared to getting a triple room over the holidays, and now I have a kitchen, washer and dryer as well for almost half of what I was going to pay for a hotel.

We have dinner reservations and lunch reservations made for a few places. Especially with the holidays, I wanted to make sure that we would be able to beat the crowds - That always makes for a pleasant and stress free trip! In particular, lunch at Laduree on the Champs Elysee, dinner at the other Eiffel Tower restaurant, um, not Le Jules Verne. With a 6 year old and the prices over the holidays... not happening. That's pretty much it. I'm hoping to just get lost and have fun.

Our random trek to Rome via overnight train would give us a few days out of our itinerary to see the major sites, as well as hopefully go to the Vatican on Christmas Eve. I'm still in the middle of planning this new part of the trip, so it's not finalized yet.

While in France, we're looking at day trips to Brussels for sure (since we'll have the passes to do that) and we'd also like to see Versailles (must do) and Mont-St-Michel near Normandy. Let's hope we'll be able to fit this into a 15-day itinerary. If not, no biggie. Our want-to's our more than the time we have. So I will assume we'll return and just enjoy the time with my boys!

Weirdly, because we're in Japan, we have to fly to Seoul, Korea first, and then head west to Europe. Not a direction most people take to get there (Jemma, you are definitely an exception I can think of off the top of my head), but great for those who love Korean food (and we do!).

Hopefully all will be finalized for the trip by this week. I have loose ends to tie up which are causing me major neck aches and heartburn but it's all worth it because in a couple weeks I'll be eating Laduree macarons!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Friday, December 4, 2009

J.Crew 25% Off is My TOTAL downfall...

So I took myself off the Shopping Ban and have dived head first into the deep end of the pool. I've fallen off the wagon so far ... it's incredible. The ban was obviously unrealistic, but the 25% + free shipping at Teh Crew?? I can't stay away. It's like the molten chocolate cake at Chili's... there's no resisting it, I guiltily just accept my situation and take a bite. I fear the Hubby's post office visits, Ladies. I honestly live in fear for the myriad of J.Crew paraphernalia he'll find there, for sheezy. Below, my latest, as they say in Resource Management, requirements. What can I say? Merry Christmas to moi, I guess.

*Sigh* Don't hate it because it's beautiful. & with 25% off, the Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag was too good of a deal. I have been staring at her from afar, making googley eyes, since it was released. Shannon reviewed it here and I have to say that there was no waitlist on the bag for me. It must have been meant to be. I'm not gonna lie... her review and gorgeous IRLs were the final nail in my coffin. I am on pins and needles to receive this.

Next up, the Midnight Tweed Mini. Not many left of these and I have loved this in the pencil length but think the mini is really cute styled just like this. I plan to style mine with similar black tights, the blue gingham shirt peaking out, mid-calf moto boots similar to the Vintage Roadster's pictured and topped with my black cashmere hoodie from last year.
The last pair of jeans I was this excited about was 2008's white matchsticks which I wore to Thailand and have forever romantic notions about since then. This year's Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in Black Resin is going to be my Paris staple. I can wear it with the boots and they'll go far. I especially love how deeply black they are. Let's hope I can keep them that way. They were already on mark down and with the 25% off... I lobbied that it would be awhile and most definitely well into Spring 2010 before I would organically see that price on these again. The trigger had to be pulled.

The last of my crazy BUY BUY BUY evening was spent putting this baby in my cart, the Dream Lycee Turtleneck Dress. I bought it in black. But when I went back to save the image, the black was sold out. Maybe I got the last one. I like to think so. :-) This dress will be great with mid-calf moto boots and pointelle tights, solid black tights, high heel booties... I can go on and on. Not only will be great on my trip to Paris for Christmas, but it will take me through the cold spell here, which seems to hit its worst in February. I had to get it in a medium- the only size left, which worries me a bit because I bought the Fiori dress in a small and it fit really well. I'm sort of in-between J.Crew's S & M. I buy Mediums often because I have to buy online and worry that the Small will just be too tight of a fit. Lately though the S has been working pretty well for me. I'll be really bummed if the medium is too big or looks strange because I've been hoping this one would pop back in sale for a while.

Now to add to the madness, I'm still waiting for these to arrive:
1) The grey ginham shirt
2) The Frances Cherry Blossom Blouse
3) The Olive top
4) The Jeweled Garland Bracelet
5) The Sequin Pocket Cardigan - waitlist next Jan.
6) The Cambridge Cable Ribbed Turtleneck in Heather Dusk
7) The studded skinny belt - waitlist next Jan.
8) A pair of black minnie pants.

For shame. Peeps, the madness stops right now! No more sales! I have to finish my Christmas cards, mail them out, get the last of my Christmas Shopping done for other people, and print my Christmas newsletters. Not to mention make the final little tweaks on my trip, like dinner reservations for Christmas & New Years, etc. There is so much more for me to do than sit and browse J.Crew, which seems to somehow always get in my way.

Finally, just a small laughable quote from Clueless, building on my post from yesterday, but that I find pretty meaningful today with my shopping issues.

Dionne: "Dude, what's wrong you suffering from buyers remorse or something?"
Cher: "God no, nothing like that."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cher & Dionne couldn't do it better!

Ladies let me tell you when you have a fellow J.Crew-a-holic as a very good friend, and that fellow holic-slash-friend works 2 doors down, you have a tendency to add exponentially to your J.Crack obsesh. Such is the case with moi, pictured here in the black below, with my girl The Outfit of the Day. Here we are, working it like Cher & Dionne from Clueless, on the clock, in my barren office space, both of us in 99% J.Crew. While we've never taken pics at work before, today was a total must, given the total crushes both of us had on the other's outfit. & the camera was in my purse, serendipitously.

Moi: J.Crew Collection Cashmere Fiori dress in black
Opera Length Pearls fastened with J.Crew black silk peony pin
Shoes are velvet ballet-toe heels from Report that I pull out only during the Holidays.
I have a pearl bracelet on from my Great-Aunt.

The Outfit of the Day: Ribbon Placket Creme Cardigan from J.Crew
Skirt: Eyelet Pencil skirt in Shadow, from J.Crew
Shoes were black peep toe heels from J.Crew
She's wearing the Pearl Cluster Bracelet, Crystal necklace and Pearl Necklace, all J.Crew
& her watch is Prada.
[Only a friend & fellow J.Crew-o-phile would notice such things]

You know when you have a friend this chic, the details had to be shown. I adored the placket on her cardigan and the pearl jewels and the crystal necklace pulled everything together. It all looked incredibly chic, IMO.

No faces this time. Just the important stuff, like the shoes.

A closeup of the pearls and the black silk peony pin.

Do you & your friends do crazy stuff like this? I think this might be the start of dual IRL OOTD posts. It was fun and it's all about the clothes!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Willpower is Nonexistant

I have no freaking willpower. None. I'm a big loser this way. I put myself on a Shopping Ban and said, No, Marisa, No. You are not buying anything until you leave for your trip. You are a big girl and you can handle it & you know you're going to shop when you get there. You can handle a few measly weeks.
Yeah, well, guess not. Here are my purchases for moi as I was supposedly Christmas shopping for the other ladies in my life.
Above, the Glimmer Pocket Cardigan in Pink Champagne. It won't even ship until January but the color and the sequins?? Need I say more? & then the studded belt in the Sweet Blush color. Needed it. Also won't ship until January. Below? The Cambridge Cable Ribbed Turtleneck in Heather Dusk. *Sigh* I also bought another pair of black Minnie pants to go with it. I was in this deep. What was another pair of pants at this point?

Hope you all are having a great week. Let's hope I can last the next 2 weeks without anything else. Though I truly thing... probably not!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Dress Possibilities for those not on the Shopping Ban

There is definitely a plethora of gorgeous holiday dresses this year. I have only a few parties this Christmas and then it's off on our trip and I am envisioning more than a few shopping trips over the winter break. But these dresses... looooooove.

First up, Tucker The Dress $330 at Piper Lime. Silk. Envisioning a gorgeous feminine drape off of this one. & the color is perfect for the holidays. However... the price is too rich for my blood. Especially with how my December is turning out to be. I am sooooo on the personal shopping ban until I leave for our trip. I know it will be worth it to wait but it's so hard to be strong when there are such cuties out there! Too bad because I would love to see this one IRL.

This is Plenty by Tracy Reese, $295 again at Piper Lime. I love the coquettish look of the dress with its short puffy skirt. & the whole black-lace-overlay lace noir thing totally had me at hello. Um, some serious downward dogs would need to have been done for me to show off mah shoulders in this one. I think this is my favorite, but again, the price...

A more economical option here, from Victoria's Secret. This is the Lace Boatneck Dress and it's $129. I love the 3/4 sleeves on this one and I think the neckline is sooooo elegant. I also dig the scalloped edge of the skirt, but I wonder how skin tight this baby is, or how cheapy that underlayer feels in real life. Anyone seen / have / tried this one? I think this one is divine. No accessories needed. I am very curious. This is a gorgeous dress.

Last option is also from Victoria's Secret, the Strapless Lace dress, $79. Again, the scalloped lace edge of the skirt is fab-oo. I would have to cardi-party this one. I'm not really into the whole shoulder-showoff thing. Again, the lace noir look is gorgeous.

Anyone see anything out there they just had to have this holiday season? Have you seen any cute dresses you just can't get out of your mind?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Where is my Bedazzler & the Ingenue Coat Arrives!

Ladies do you remember the Bedazzler? That fabulous home appliance that fastened rhinestones to whatever you wanted back in the decade a few of us try not to remember, the 80's? My mom was the Queen of Bedazzlement. She was / is crafty and as I've mentioned earlier, tres chic, and thus of course had one. She bedazzled tons of things of mine; a denim jacket I can for sure remember was an early victim - er, example - of her creations. If you are unfamiliar, I'll give you the scoop. You took a strong backing piece of metal that the rhinestone was set in, hooked it thru the material, set the stone and the -- poof! -- you pressed down on the gun and the stone was then set in place. All the little doo-dad did I guess was set the prongs for you.
My point is -- I bought the jeweled tee from J.Crew that was $19.99 -- the name completely escapes me and it is no longer on the website -- and I wish J.Crew had just used the Bedazzler to get these babies on here!

Because when I look at the monstrous stone that is on the right side of the shirt - this huge, HUGE, stone is connected to this very thin shirt by a thread! Literally, a thread! Thank goodness I paid $16 for this thing ($19.99 plus 20% off) instead of the $55 or so J.Crew wanted FP!

If this shirt makes it thru 3 washes (I'm being very realistic, here) with all jewels attached, I will be surprised. Because this stone is heavy. If they had used the Bedazzler, those suckers wouldn't come loose. They wouldn't dare...

& now on to prettier topics... like the Ingenue Coat that has driven me mad during the last INSIDER promo. It's here, ladies. & me looooooooves. J'adore you, Ingenue coat. For serious.

Sleeve length is good, fit at the bust is good. Neckline is completely adorable, if not a little mashed from the shipping and travel. Length is just a tad bit shorter than I would have preferred but because the body fits great (& I tried on with some layers underneath) and the sleeves are not needing my cute little tailor's help, I am a happy girl, nonetheless.

Next post, wardrobe ideas for...