Photography for me is a way to get a grip, as they say.  I like capturing the feeling of what's going on around me in a more photojournalistic way.  I like shots of people when they're not looking, or when they're not expecting it.  I find the photos are more honest that way!  No canned looks, no goofy smiles.  Just real and pure emotion!  Those are the photos I'm drawn to the most and I hope you like them too!  There's nothing more sweet than to go back through your images and remember what it felt like that day you took that awesome photo. 

While most of the shots I take are of my family and center around my down time, I love to take photos for others, too!

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Kelly at a beach in Okinawa, Japan, our former home.  This beach faces China / Taiwan on the East China Sea.  I'm always amazed how blue the water is there.  

Kids of very good friends of ours, playing in the ocean in Okinawa.  

My dear, lovely friend, enjoying a peaceful moment with her little one. 

Soulful eyes for such a little guy, don't you think?

Kelly, enjoying a relaxing Sunday at our Okinawa beach house.  


Enjoying a low tide beach, scavenging for shells and hermit crabs.

Kelly the breeze at a Japanese pier near our old home.  

Still life.   I love the detail in it.  

Old, castle ruins with a girl in Kimono.  The contrast of the wall and the proportions of it compared to the girl set the scene!  It's straight out of a Japanese period soap opera, I swear!  & the color contrast of the clear, white sky, her kimono and the old grey wall overgrown with plants is striking.  

Scenes from a bubble-blowing session on the back deck.   Out of focus shots can be kind of cool.  I like shooting in manual mode for this exact reason.  I like the imperfection in it and the dreamy effect it has. 

Cherries finally growing on the sakura trees.

Shots taken on the North Shore of Oahu.  They make me want to take a drive to the country, grab a shaved ice and enjoy the beach and tradewinds.  

More out of focus shots.  The technicolor way that straw turned out was pretty neat and I can't stop staring at Kelly's eyelashes!

North Shore, Oahu again.  I want to run after him in this shot.  

A turtle just sunning himself.  

Shots from my sister in law's wedding.