Wednesday, September 30, 2009

J.Crew Silk Evening Primrose Dress IRL OOTD

I received the Silk Evening Primrose dress the other day and couldn't NOT wear it. I love the colors and paired it with a navy merino chiffon roses cardigan from last fall mostly because I had no other color that would go with it and I thought the navy made it kind of quirky. Wore a skinny leather belt around the waist. That being said, I thought the dress was SUPER cute but it is definitely not for all day wear. The boning killed me by day's end and I was so happy to take it off and get in a tank and some yoga pants. What can I say? Style before Comfort!

Silk Evening Primrose Dress, J.Crew
Chiffon roses navy merino cardigan, J.Crew
Bracelet, Banana Republic
Shoes, Black Slingbacks, Calvin Klein

A polyvore of today's outfit:

Hubs had to get into the polyvore act tonight, too. This is his, below. I told him to label it artistic expression but he says it's fashion all the way. Hmmm. Not a set I'd put or wear together, but his use of color was superb!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Update: Operation Get Fine '09 Week 3

Image from

Hi all! Just an update on the ACV-Low Carb diet. I just realized I haven't blogged about it in a while and have some cool news to put out there!

First of all, ACV drinking is hard! Even with a little bit of honey and a glass full of water, the stuff is foul. A friend has likened it to drano in its foul acidity, but I keep thinking about the wonders it does for me, so I'm just soldiering on!

Second, the eating has become routine and I don't have to think very much anymore. I've discovered Slim Fast Low Carb and EAS Low Carb formulas, which have become my breakfast of choice. Mid-morning snack is usually a few pieces of cheese. Off topic but slightly related -- I can't help but think of Emily Blunt's character in The Devil Wears Prada who says whenever she feels like she's going to faint, she eats a piece of cheese. Ha! I find this on mind every morning at about 10:30am. Lunch is some grilled chicken, a salad, a few more pieces of cheese, and a sugar-free jello (10 cals & 0 carbs!) for dessert. The best part is I have this all stocked in my work fridge, so there is no reason to run out to Burger King or Taco Bell, or even Subway. The bad part is that I eat in the office now which means I don't really get out much. But I get a lot of work done! Usually I have some almonds as an afternoon snack, and then some lean meat for dinner. Oh, and lest I forget, water water water!

Ok, so on to the changes I've noticed so far: I tried on some of the dreaded dresses that didn't fit last month and they are ON, they don't make me look like a sausage, and I can zipper them up. I'm calling this, STAGE 1. STAGE 1 still would require some form of Spanx-ish underwear in order for me to leave the house in said dresses. STAGE 2 will be when the Spanx become optional!

For now, my energy is high, I still haven't gone to the gym and I would estimate I've lost about 4-5 lbs in a 21-day time frame. My analysis of this is that this is pretty decent and definitely a pretty good start. If you think that the first week is just revving your body up to start losing, then really the weight I've lost is truly only over 14 days, or about two and a half pounds a week on average thus far. Or my thinking is totally skewed. :) In any case, I'm psyched to move forward and keeping at it! STAGE 2 here I come!

I'm just about ready to get back to the gym and kick it into some sort of actual physical activity! Oh well, getting to the gym is the hardest part!

Gilt's Upcoming BCGB Sale!

Gals if you are a member of Gilt, BCBG's sale starts in 8 hours! That's 1am Japan Standard Time and you can put 100 Yen on the fact that I'll be setting my alarm tonight for this! I always miss the good Gilt sales. No longer!

Friday, September 25, 2009

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I have to say there are some pretty sweet people in my little section of the blogosphere and I wanted to say Thank You! to Awesome Amy at Kelinda.Kelinda for thinking of me and nominating me for:

The rules are:

1) Thank the person who gave this to me: Amy! Your blog rocks, girl! I love the poses! I love the detail (the hair, etc.) and the outfits are always gorgeous. & you always make me laugh!

2) Copy the Logo and place it your blog: Done.

3) Link the person who nominated you: That was Amy at Kelinda.Kelinda

4) Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know: See below.

5) Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers: See below the other see below.

6) Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate: See above. (confused yet?)

7) Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them: Very soon, it will be done!

Now, the 7 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me:

1. I really really like stats. I know, it's weird right? I'm applying for a grad cert in applied stats at Penn State. That's how much I love it. I just want to study regression theory all day. It's a sickness.

2. Japan is only the 2nd place I've ever lived!

3. & I'm plotting how I can move back to the first & only other place I've ever lived (Hawaii) on a daily basis.

4. No one at work has any INKLING that I blog like this. I fear how other stat geeks would judge my love of the Crewlade.

5. I think I should have graduated high school in the late 70's - like straight out of Dazed & Confused. Those were the days! I could have had a bitchin car, listened to bitchin music, and just done some wild and crazy things. *sigh*

6. I would LOVE to have a little girl, but I fear I just couldn't keep up with 2 babies! My 5 year old wears me out!

7. I totally value everyone's opinion who leaves me comments here. You girls are the greatest!

& now, I nominate:

Like Amy, I tried to send out the blogs to those that may have not already had a turn and whose blogs always make me smile. Ladies your blogs get me through the day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OOTD: All J.Crew & Really Blurry...

Ack! What is up with my terrible picture taking abilities lately? On this day of days when I decided to unveil my Bubble Necklace to the world? My big order from J.Crew arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to unveil my goods, so here they are, like a kid with new school clothes:
Top: Falling Petals, black
Necklace: Grey colored Bubble Necklace
Belt: Super Skinny Pearlized Patent, black
Skirt: Charmeuse Pencil skirt, grey (previously owned)

You may think the Bubble Necklace is too much with the Falling Petals and indeed, it is some serious messery happening around the chest area. But in reality I loved the way the necklace hid amongst the petals today. I found myself constantly staring down to check it out. I've had the skirt from this summer and I love it. It's actually very versatile and the fabric feels sooooo good and silky smooth.

& I guess I'll leave you with Blurry Picture #3 of me last night in the Super 120s Carlysle Dress. Oh how I love you, dress - with your sleeves and your prim and properness with a hint of come hither in the swooping neckline. Oh how I love this dress! ... What do you all think? Promise to post pics that are not blurry from now on.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nothing Beats Metallic Tweed...

Styled here perfectly...

Don't know if I'd wear the parka, but I love the shoes with the dress...

I found and bought a metallic tweed sheath from last fall's J.Crew Collection on eBay tonight for about half of what the FP was when it was offered, NWTs. I'm amassing my fall / winter "requirements" and this dress will fit in perfectly. I've wanted this dress from the first day it was offered last fall and missed out on the opportunity (**Sigh** Just thinking about last fall's roll-out... It was fab, wasn't it?).
I can't wait to see it. I think it's perfection. A forever dress in every way.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New to My Closet: Nanette LePore Statuesque Top

The Nanette LePore top I blogged about earlier arrived from Saks and I am a happy, happy girl! The color is called "gold," but still reminds me of J.Crew's Honey Glaze. The sleeves are a little bit King Arthur but I love the overall look. There are small gathers in the center at both front and back. Buttons are a brass color. & the pockets at the front were a great surprise.

The top IRL on me with some AE cropped boyfriend jeans:

Oh, and this is Hubs. He's sad because he's got Bursitis and his arm was put in a sling today for 2 weeks! Poor Hubs!

Well, just wanted to show you all the new top. Kudos to Saks - they shipped so fast. My big order from J.Crew hasn't yet arrived and was ordered prior to this top. Very impressive, Saks!
P.S. - I have a bunch of J.Crew on eBay here, as well as some DVF and Banana Republic. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reasons to go to Europe at Christmas

Picture from:

1. I've never been to Paris.
2. KW (my son) will be on Winter Break from school.
3. Fares are incredibly reasonable ($700 from JAPAN, including taxes and other airline fees)
4. What an experience for KW and us!
5. It will be beautiful (albeit cold)!

What say all of you? Here's the reasons why Hubs and I are thinking of going. We already have the 2 weeks off and love to plan one big trip a year, at least. November will be a little crazy with work for both Hubs and I (lots of out-of-country travel) and it would be so nice to set aside some family time in the City of Lights. We are good savers (despite my serious shopping faux pas) and this would be a great indulgent treat for us.

My concerns -
1. There are tons of less expensive trips out there (Hakone in mainland Japan, for instance, near Mt. Fuji is a beautiful place in the winter to visit).
2. Would visiting Paris at Christmas not be a good time to go? Should we wait on this and go in the summer? I would hate to spend the money and the time to get there, only to realize I really should have waited for a more temperate season.

& then what about the best itineraries for 15-17 days in Europe, knowing you'd like to spend some time in Paris for sure?
1. Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Copenhagen?
2. Paris, Munich, Vienna, Prague, then depart through Frankfurt?
3. Paris, Munich, Milan, Venice, then through Italy to Rome (departing from Rome)?

I get all spun up even thinking about it, and I'm a pretty organized person! Any helpful ideas you have would be really appreciated!

What do you think? Is this a no-brainer or do I need to sit and recalibrate?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New to My Closet: J.Crew Silk Evening Primrose Dress

As luck would have it, this showed up as a pop-back when FS on J.Crew refreshed and I was able to snap it up. I used the remainder of my gift cards on it and my final price (less gift cards) was $70 - a deal, I think.

Can't wait to see this one IRL!

OOTD Beach BBQ with Friends: DVF Dress + J.Crew Lea Cardigan

The trouble with living on a sub-tropical island on the fringe of the East China Sea in September is that one still has beach BBQs to attend even though the weather does not want to comply. It doesn't get totally autumnal here (mais oui), but it does get rainy and a little chilly. I'm officially naming in Cardigans & Leggings weather - not worn together, per se, but you get my drift - and C&L weather doesn't go very well with the whole beach BBQ thing. My outfit today is trying to say, I'm here at the BBQ, but I won't be taking Ms DVF to frolick in the sea. Please understand I'm dressed to sit and consume your low carb lean meat products, while still trying to come off as casually attired. Does it say that? :-) Je ne sais pas!

No need to stare too closely. I'm barefoot but will be wearing J.Crew Gold Capri sandals today.
Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg from eBay.
Cardigan: J.Crew Lea Cardigan in Snow.

Side view. Me likey the side views these days.

I had to take a pic of the gorgeous "antique" buttons on the J.Crew Lea cardigan. They are precious. The pic came out dark but they are fabulously covered in little rhinestones on a brass colored background. This is a HUGE reason I love J.Crew -- not because of the buttons -- but because of their attention to detail. I love the little touches!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wearing Today - J.Crew +BCBG and Update on Operation Get Fine '09

Here's a posting of my outfit today. This is J.Crew's Madison blue silk "watercolor" dress from last year belted with a silver metallic belt, also J.Crew. Shoes are my new BCBG braided leather slingbacks I pictured in this post. It was still so hot today that no jacket or cardigan was required today and especially it being Friday, my office is usually lax on the dress code anyway.

A word on the shoes. The heel is high and have now been road tested and will definitely not be worn to work again. I sit most of the day and these are off under my desk while I slip on a pair of Capezio ballet slippers. But if I had to be at an event while standing, my ankles would be dying. On another note, the backstraps keep slipping down until I'm clack-clacking my way down the hall. Any suggestions on how to keep them on or having them slip less? The upside is that these shoes are completely and utterly fabulous looking and the leather is spectacularly butterlike. I'm keeping them but they'll definitely be marked for special occasions and the like. Today... well, I hadn't had a chance to wear them yet and wanted to try these babies out.

Operation Get Fine '09 is hitting the 2 week mark soon. I would say it's been about 10 days now. The eating and deciding what to eat part of the diet has become easier and routine. I've learned to cut a lot of things out - coffee is with 2 splenda instead of lots of cream and 4 sugars (would you like some coffee with your cream?). I've been snacking on almonds and have kept my net carbs at about 35 g per day. If I was in induction on Atkins, I believe I'd have to keep that number to 20 g net carbs per day, which I find too restrictive. A girl's got to have some room to breathe, along with 1 cheat day a week. The fiber bars and granola bars, cereals, breads and rice have all been cut out of my diet and I still feel very full. I've also been pretty religious with my ACV intake (with water, because DANG). While taking my (now) usual OOTD pics this morning, I took this one, and can begin to see some improvement in the way I look, particularly my middle. With a little bit of renewed confidence, I'm soldiering on with the diet and felt great today. Here's to hoping the feeling will continue, because I need the willpower...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wearing Today - Barneys Co-Op + Banana Republic

Silk Double-Layer Animal Print Top, Barneys Co-op
Cardigan with Pearl Buttons, Banana Republic
Black Denim Jeans, Nordstrom BP / Juniors Section
Necklace, J.Crew
Ballet Flats, Tory Burch Revas

A long but good day. My day is coming to an end, some of yours are beginning. Hope you have a good one!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wearing Today - Saks Fifth Avenue + J.Crew

I had a big meeting this morning to culminate a project I've managed over the last six months and busted out the serious black dress from a Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store in Hawaii. Oh, the sweet mother of a deal I got on this dress - Originally around $200, I got it for a little more than $40 and it fits well and makes me feel put together. The dress has gathering at the neck and waist, simple puff sleeves and a pencil-like skirt that falls just past the knee. Decided to accent with pearls, because, well, that is what one does with a black dress. This is the first time I'm wearing these shoes since I bought them back in April.

I also darkened my hair last night in a "I hate dealing with growing out highlights, hey isn't summer pretty much over anyway, where's that bottle of dye" fit of change. I normally go to the salon to get this thing done, but it was one of those nights where I wasn't going to take looking at those roots for one. more. second. I feel like a serious chick with dark hair and it makes me even more excited for fall!

Crepe Black Sheath Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue (in house brand)
nameless black belt found on floor of closet
Pearl Cluster Bracelet, J.Crew

Another pic of the outfit

Close-up of the bracelet.

Georgi Heels with Tassels, J.Crew

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nostalgic for an Old Dress

Diane von Furstenberg Aubrey dress, S/S 2005 (I think). Oh how I miss you, dress!

My first ever Neiman Marcus purchase was a Diane von Furstenberg dress that I fell for from the first glance. It was $300 and I was fortunate to have a decent job and be in my 20's. I hemmed and hawed over making the purchase, but when I walked in, grabbed my dress, paid and walked out, I knew I made the best decision. No qualms about it. Oh how I seriously loved this dress.

It's the DVF Aubrey dress - the one that DVF sued Forever 21 for copying? Me and Aubrey, we had good times. & then... I lost a significant amount of weight. The dress was a 10. I was a 4. I asked my mom to take it in for me, she being a fabulous seamstress. She said yes, but never did it. & so Aubrey and I parted ways.

Can you believe I STILL think about this dress? Even after 3 years??? It might not be to your taste, but the square neckline, the straight skirt and the empire waist made for a fabulous fitting dress. With a pair of J.Crew Capri sandals, the look was perfection for any type of casual outing.

Do any of you ladies have a favorite piece of clothing from your past that you wish you still owned?

Wearing Today - Diane von Furstenberg & J.Crew

Inspired by two things yesterday - 1) That I didn't want to repeat a hot mess (& yes, I TRULY believed it was a heinous offense) and 2) That gorgeous yellow Nanette LePore top I bought on Saks last night - I decided to bust out my own yellow rays of sunshine. I went searching for my Honey Glaze colored J.Crew Merino Tartine cardigan only to determine it is at the cleaners. *boo* So I found a similar yellow-tinged color that I believe was called "Maize" and paired that with a Diane von Furstenberg dress. I don't know the name of the dress, but the pattern looks like "Golden Gingko," so let's pretend that's the name. It has a silk texture and always makes me feel comfy.

Old J.Crew bracelet from last year - It had gold, creams and yellow colors and had a sea theme.

Diane von Furstenberg "Golden Gingko" Dress & J.Crew maize colored tartine cardigan
Shoes not shown were J.Crew almond colored juliets

Have a great evening ladies!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nanette LePore = Love Love Love

I am so easily distracted. To get my mind off the cashmere tee and white ankle jean I have in my cart at J.Crew, I thought, "Gee, why not peruse Saks and see what's over there." Mistake. In the sale section in a size 6, I have found such a gorgeous silk top by Nanette, called The Statuesque, in dare I say, a color very similar to J.Crew's honey glaze. AppGal has discussed how she loves this color and I must say I do like it too. I have a Tartine cardigan from last fall in this shade that matcheth a fabulous DVF dress of mine. Anyway, I digress... Nanette! I saw and I had to have! I love it for sleeves, color, fabric. This was a keeper.

We All Have "Hot Mess" Days...

Today was mine. So "Hot Mess" was my outfit, I got called out on it! ;-) But it's all good, because from the minute I left the house, I knew, dear reader, that I was not fit for chic-ness today. I give myself the Hot Mess Award, if there ever was a thing, and a promise to find better outfit choices tomorrow. This always seems to happen when all the clothes are at the dry cleaners... Solution! Buy more clothes.

Anna Sui for Target & Gossip Girl? Then Why Am I Not Over the Moon?

When you are a die-hard Gossip Girl fan (and a total secret outside of Blogland), to see that Anna Sui is making a Target collection aaaaannnd tying it to Gossip Girl, well, you tend to have high expectations. After perusing the site this morning and and checking out the Anna Sui for Target collection, my official position is, "Meh." There are a few cute pieces (The Serena black flapper-looking thing is passable as well as the sold out blue dress). To clarify, the official word is "cute but meh," meaning I won't be pulling out my wallet for these. Perhaps if I saw some of the pieces IRL I would be interested. Can you just feel my disappointment oozing out of your screen? I realize that at the price point they are working with, the little details that make a piece spectacular will be "lost in the fabric." But I have seen numerous pieces come out of Target that are of great quality and also look sharp. Oh well. I can still be obsessed with the show. On with Season 3!

Check it out for yourself here.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trying to Justify One Last J.Crew Purchase this Weekend

Truly, I've spent enough money on the Crew this weekend. But the prices have me by the purse strings (They do. They really do). On the chopping block at the moment are:

The White Cropped Matchstick Jean, $19.99 on Final Sale... aaand

The Cashmere Short-Sleeve Tee in Sandalwood, $98 Full Price

I am telling myself that the jeans are a deal. $20! But I can't put it in my cart all by its lonesome, which brings me to the Sandalwood Cashmere tee. I love the classic Jackie-O-ness of this color, especially when considering the tee worn with the white jeans. & I know many a lady > size 2 who fears the white jean because of its ability to, shall we say, emphasize areas of our body we don't want emphasized. But I say, if you like the white jean, wear it. & as I think about how much money I've spent this weekend for J.Crew, I'm also trying to rationalize the fact that 1) I am getting some great deals and 2) My Carlyle dress was paid for by Gift Cards and so will my Jeans. Not too shabby.

In further justification, I polyvored a couple of looks that I could put together with the jeans and the cashmere tee, proving their versatility. Voila:

Get to Work

Last reason why I justify the purchase? Because I love them. Can't think of a better reason than that!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Decision Made! It's the J.Crew Carlyle Dress!

It's official! Just put in the order for the J.Crew Carlyle Dress in black. Can't wait to get it in my hands!

Operation Get Fine '09 Update

I finished my first work week on my "loosely low carb + ACV" diet and have found a couple of lessons to learn from:

1) Meal planning is essential next week. The hardest part has been planning what to eat while I'm at work for snacks.

2) I can't believe how many carbs are in EVERYTHING I used to eat! I'll never look at a granola bar the same way again (or cereal, rice, bread, popcorn...)

That being said, it might just be my imagination, but I feel a little better - a bit more energy and less slothy-like. I'm trying to get more sleep as a part of the new process and it's helping in that category. My willpower for carby foods has increased. I ordered a reuben sandwich and onion rings yesterday at lunch with my husband. I ate the meat and left everything else. Including the onion rings! That's not me!! I looooooooove onion rings. But I didn't touch them.

Next week I'm going to start introducing the gym back into the routine. I didn't want to go "gung ho" this first week for fear that I'd overload myself and quit. But as I inch into this, I'm finding it's not that bad. I actually want to go to the gym at this point.

How about all of you ladies who are also striving to go back to "the routine." How is it coming along?

Friday, September 11, 2009

New to My Closet

I always look forward to the end of the 20% off of Final Sale at J.Crew because in their twistedness, they always tend to load up the sale section with inventory upon the sale's end. While still evaluating the Carlyle Dress (and it looks like I WILL get that one), I found myself remembering to check Final Sale, knowing that the Extra 20% was finally over. True to the pattern, there was a plethora of new items to sale at great prices. There also seemed to be new additions.


1. Wool Isabel Dress in black $49.99 - what a deal! (Regular price $188) I love me an LBD and a wool one at $49.99! Fabulous!

2. Scattered Petals tank in Black and Bright Papaya. I love this and want to wear the Bright Papaya with my Merino Maya Cardi in Sweet Guava as a twin set of sorts.

3. Bell Flower top in Ivory. I love the delicateness of this one. Excited to see it on the sale rack.

4. Metallic Pleated Cotton Strati in Metallic Khaki - $19.99 - again, deal!

5. Hammered Metal Skirt in Bistro Orange - I am picturing this one styled as one of the models on the site, where the skirt is maybe 2 sizes larger than her actual size, belted at the natural waist, paper bag style. How cute would it be with a black Scattered Petals tank and a skinny black belt? That brings me to...

6. Super Skinny Pearlized Patent Belt in Black and Warm Brick. The Warm Brick color is very pretty. I have nothing like it so it will make a great addition. I wanted these belts a few weeks ago when I was at J.Crew-on-the-island in Hawaii and held off because at $24 each, they were much. But $14.99? Yes, I can do that!

Today's Wears: BCBG, Minnies and Tory's Revas

Today being my Friday here in Japan, I was ready for a Dressing Down Day. This week has been a string of hits for me - Tuesday was the J.Crew Blushed Tweed pencil and the Maya merino cardi in Sweet Guava. Wednesday I wore last fall's Double Serge Pencil Skirt in black with the new Stretch Flannel olive top in Heather graphite. Yesterday was the Serengeti dress. After that I just wanted to dress comfy to enjoy my Friday in the office, so I chose an old stand-by white BCBG 3/4 sleeve cotton poplin tab top to pair with my new J.Crew Minnie pants in black. I wore my Tory Burch Reva flats in black to finish the look, and capped it off with the pearl necklace from J.Crew and the Maya cardi in Sweet Guava again (not pictured).

look 1

look 2

*Sigh* I never get tired of these.

Decisions, Decisions... Help!

J.Crew Super 120s Carlyle Dress, $188

J.Crew Cashmere fiori dress, $228

I cleaned out my closet recently of items I've bought over the last 6 months that I haven't worn, probably won't ever wear, and still had the tags on. Packed them up and sent them back to J.Crew. As old as these items were (The Blair dress in Peony, for instance), I got a nice gift card for almost $200! Since the items were so old, it almost seems like a free pass to get something I really like or wouldn't have bought otherwise because the price seemed prohibitive.

With that in mind, I've come down to two dresses I love that would both make excellent additions to my closet this fall.

The Carlyle: Um, Super 120s - nuff said. This is a classic material, always going to be in my closet FOREVER, and the style with three-quarter sleeves is very nice juxtaposed to the beautiful neckline. I am not very endowed (hello, A-cup!) so this will not come off as too much exposure in my case. This could take me out to dinner, and is oh-so-perfect for work. A classic.

The Fiori: It's cashmere and with a pair of grey textured tights, or the new thigh high wool socks J.Crew came out with... sophisticated, comfy, luxurious, and one of a kind. This is a piece I will always keep and go back to. & I love the rosettes at the neck. The best part about this dress -- It can be dressed up for dinners, it can be styled appropriately for work, or it can go with a pair of flat black boots for a casual day look. It's very versatile.

Which do you think I should get? Also has anyone got these or seen them IRL?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's OOTD: J.Crew Serengeti Dress

Today was a great day - I wore my J.Crew Serengeti dress, which could never put me in a bad mood. It feels lightweight and luxurious, but is so comfortable, you forget you're dressed up. I paired the dress with my J.Crew Juliets in Almond, a brown cardi (keeping the look toned down for the office), and a matching skinny patent belt in Almond from the Crew.

Polyvore set of my outfit today: