Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wearing Today 2.26.2009

lovely ruffles
lovely ruffles - by nojcrewinjapan on

Today's outfit was a hodgepodge; Something completely unplanned and put together at the last minute, but that surprised me. I paired the Fan Eyelet skirt, with the rolling ruffles tank and a darker, long cardigan. I found the long cardigan and shorter skirt a cool contrast. The ruffles and the eyelet made me feel like I was awash in texture, too. I felt comfy and yet tres chic.

Current Obsession: J.Crew's Newest Arrivals

Popped onto the website today and see that the site has nicely been refreshed with new goodies for us to ogle. I see a lot of the items we've been discussing in detail on Alexis' blog for the last couple of months (that sherbet colored satin bag, the sparkly zebra tee, to name a few). In all honesty, I can look at most of it and say, "meh." But there are few that have caught my eye. Smart little purchases that I can see taking me through the summer.

First, the belt is cute. It will add something, I think, to existing outfits. I love how J.Crew incoporates the flowers into their accessories. I like this because it's leather. I'm a little over the fabric belts of yore. & I have tons of them. I liked that this was going to last and had some detail to the petals. Since I wear a lot of cardis "cinched" with skinny belts, I think this would work pretty well into my M-F wardrobe and break up the work week monotony, too.

I really like this jacket. The collar adds something and the sleeves are weather-appropriate for Okinawa's hot summers. Seriously, today was 88 degrees. In February. I like how this looks with the vintage denim. That slouchy look is like a siren song to me. I'm also envisioning the jacket and former belt mentioned above together, with the denim. I think it'd be a cute look.

I love this yellow dress. I've loved this yellow dress since it first showed up on the site, when J.Crew was pushing the Michelle cardi worn "4 ways." 'Memba that? This dress is pricey and so I realistically don't see myself getting it any time soon. But it is so gorgeous and just says, "Summer.

Finally, the zebra tee. An easy, breezy purchase under $40. I think it's cute. I honestly don't like the sparkly one. There's too much color for me. But this one, with its muted shades, is doable.
What do you think? What were your favorites?

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Vita Cami

Plans, plans, plans.  Here's my vision-to-Polvore for the Vita cami I was able to get in FS this weekend.  I absolutely can not wait for a low-key event with friends to wear this ensemble to.  I love this mix of high-low / proper on top - ripped jeans on bottom look!  
Ladylike in pearls and lace
Ladylike in pearls and lace - by nojcrewinjapan on

& The Award Goes To...

Never mind about the actual Oscars! Let's talk about the fashion! I can't decide which look below I like better. On the one hand, I looove this look on Anne Hathaway. The column is perfect and the sand-colored hue is gorgeous. Of course, the sparklies make the dress. On a side topic, talk about getting even with the ex - she's looking really toned these days! All those sessions with David Kirsch are definitely paying off. She looks fab.

On the other hand, there is this dress worn by Miley Cyrus. I sort of want to say I don't like the dress simply because she's wearing it, but I can't deny that it is something different. It's definitely daring. Though part of me wants to say in a 'fish' sort of way. In any case, I can't help but continue to stare at the dress. That must mean it has something going for it, right?

What do you think? Which was your fave Oscar look tonight? & what about Robin? She wore the J.Crew dress and looked fab in it, too!

Wearing Today 2.23.09

Bring On Spring
Bring On Spring - by nojcrewinjapan on

I got my boyfriend khakis in the mail this afternoon and was so excited to see them!  They are buttery soft and destroyed in just the right places, with the just right amount of "destroyed-ness."  I bought them in a 6 and they fit a little big, but I am assuming that they are supposed to be a little baggy, hence the boyfriend part of it.  They hang on the hips and are loose through the thigh.  As I had them on, I could tell they would probably end up looser than they originally were, so I'm thinking I could have possibly sized down to a 4 maybe, and gotten a somewhat less loose look.  The thing is, I love them just the way they are and were meant to be.  They are a definite keeper.  I styled them exactly as the picture, with the ankles rolled up like it's 1992.
My white top I have on is very similar in shape to the Cynthia Steffe top pictured here.  Mine is from Hurley and has crochet at the bust.  I've had my top for forever now and it always finds its way out of the closet when the weather hints at getting a little warmer.  
I wore the Champagne colored Jackie cardigan, not the white.  The Champagne version does not show up in Polyvore well, thus the substitution.  
With my opera length pearls doubled up, and my pearl cluster bracelet, this outfit was comfortable, chic and very Spring.  
All in all, I was very happy with the look.  
One last mention on the khakis: I love them so much I may get another pair.  I can see myself running around all summer in these.  They are that comfortable and cute.  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nei Hou Ma?

I have some serious Summer travel ideas I'm throwing around this weekend, and one definitely involves Hong Kong.  
Hong Kong.  The sound is romantic and at the same time familiar.  I'm looking to spend just 4 or 5 days there this summer.  Given that I live in Okinawa, Japan, Hong Kong is about 3 hours away by plane (1 hr to Taipei, 2 hrs to HK from there).  My son will be spending his summer in Hawaii with his Grandma, and the hubby and I want to go somewhere that doesn't involve anything kiddy.  

If you've seen my pic, you've probably wondered what my ethnic background is.  Well, I'm of Chinese, German and Hawaiian descent.  My father is Chinese-Hawaiian and  I grew up in a heavily-influenced Chinese household in Hawaii with my Popo.  She was old-school, to say the least.  I can't even pronounce a German word, and my Hawaiian sucks.  But I was surrounded with family members giving me lai-see (little red envelopes of money) on New Years (Chinese New Years, that is), being snobbish about where I bought my char siu bao and daan taaht, and laughing at movies like Joy Luck Club and Flower Drum Song, because I could relate (If anyone remembers Waverly in Joy Luck, that was soooo me.  Miserable yet venerated yet dependent on the veneration).  

 A literal hop, skip and jump away, Hong Kong literally feels like a home away from home.  The best roast duck.  The best food (& if you're truly Chinese, you care about the food.  You care about the food big time).  My command of Cantonese is terrible at best, but to go to HK and hear the cacophonous sounds of childhood... Though I've only been there once, it feels like I ought to be there. 

& there's so much to see!   On the first trip we took to Hong Kong last year, we had just a few days and our schedules were booked with itineraries set because we were traveling with friends.  This time, I want to see things that mean a little more to me.  J'adore Hong Kong!  As my travel plans come to fruition, I'll definitely keep an update on the blog to share what we plan to do or see.  

The Power of the Sophistocate

So I just took this quiz on and find that I am a **ta-da** Sophisticate.  I don't know how much I consider Ms. Holmes to be my muse, but it definitely had my taste and stores down a T.  It names J.Crew, Banana Republic, Tory Burch, and Michael Kors as places I should shop.  Interesting.

The test was actually rather different. If you want to try it, just click on my results. Anyone take the quiz? What say you?

Newest Members to My Closet: The Vita Cami & The Tissue Pleated Top

Yey me!  I was able to score the Vita cami in FS in the blue color for $29.99.  I would say this is rather triumphant as it takes major FS-Stalking in order to come up with results like that.  I mean this cami isn't always there.  & in the blue, too!  I'm envisioning them with either the vintage distressed denim or the boyfriend khakis rolled up above the ankles a la Jenna Lyons Mazeau.  For further "dressing up" I could style with the Merino rosette cardi in navy, like a modern day twinset of sorts.  A belt cinching the cardi and the cami would be really cute.  I'll have to polyvore the whole thing for the full effect.  
newest - by nojcrewinjapan on

The other goodie I got was the Tissue Pleated top in white.  I have to thank Elegant Mom for agreeing on the blush color with me, but in the end, I chose the white as a basic.  
I'm excited to be receiving these in the mail! 
What do you think of my newest lovelies?

Wearing Today 2.21.09

It's Saturday! I have nothing to do in the morning except go to the gym and the stop off at Starbucks! Then the day will be filled with packing, so I want to be comfy but cute.
Saturday Casual
Saturday Casual - by nojcrewinjapan on

I'll be in my ever favorite and beloved vintage distressed jeans, white chiffon trim tee, florette cardi in the heather acorn color and some gold sandals. Will be lugging my metallic guava Thompson tote and wearing my LV A La Folie bracelet. & saving the best for last, the Trilby hat comes out to play!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The eBay Letdown

So bummed.  Do you ever have the eBay letdown?  Where you completely believed the auction was yours, hands down, no question.  Only to find out that the witching hour came - and went - with you losing your newest obsesh by mere pennies?!  
That is so me at this moment.  I am in a complete funk!  I lost the very cute (and new) meringue top from J.Crew by $1.36.  I bid a max of $20, and as of my leaving for work this morning, I was in the lead by, oh, $9.  I blame going to work!  
Meringue top in Pewter
Meringue top in Pewter - by nojcrewinjapan on

Really, it wasn't my absolute favorite top this season, but for $20, I could have totally styled this in a way that would have seemed si parfait with my version of "relaxed chic."  The more I think about the top, the more vexed I get.  I keep thinking why didn't I just bid $30?  That would still have been more than 50% off the current price on the website.  But the devil's advocate in me says someone could have easily bid - and won - by $1.36.  Again.  Where does it end, this vicious cycle?  Darn eBay for ruining my perfect Friday night!

Wearing Today 2.20.09

It being a gloomy Friday today, I decided to add some joie de vivre by wearing my gorgeous and new linen silk v-neck from J.Crew.  I am so happy with this sweater.  As I hoped, the texture is thin, "slubby," and very relaxed.  It is designed to be a little loose and fits TTS.  The color is a little more subdued IRL but still looked like a pop of color juxtaposed to my Super 120 black trousers.  The ensemble was pretty simple today.  To cap off the look I wore my J.Crew starfish charm bracelet.  This rolled out Summer '08 and was purchased on sale.  I haven't worn it since last August and I'm happy to see it has come out to play again.  I couldn't find a photo of the bracelet in Polyvore, so I chose another bracelet that captures its spirit as best I could here.  

Tiffany Blue...
Tiffany Blue... - by nojcrewinjapan on

To finish off the look, I carried my Thompson tote in the metallic guava color.  My 2009 planner this year is from Tiffany (*I am obsessed with paper*) and decided to throw it in the mix with a Tiffany pen I received as a birthday gift last year from my mom.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Current Obsession: The Tissue Pleated Top

I think this set sums up everything I'm loving right now. First, the colors are great. I find myself really drawn to the blush pinks and muted charcoals. Pairing them with white appears so clean. I think I might have to buy this top. I can't go on enough about the great tees J.Crew seems to be offering this spring. I've never purchased so many tees before. I'm usually not a "tee" kind of gal, save for the gym or yoga. But each one seems to just scream casual chic in the breeziest way. I'm in love. Now to decide on what color to buy, because at $45 a shirt, mama can only afford to buy one.

pleated tissue top
pleated tissue top - by nojcrewinjapan on

Which do you prefer? The charcoal grey look or the blush pink hues?

Wearing today 2.18.2009

It's all about the shoes.  I substituted the merino rose cardigan for a tartine version.  I have a crazy number of tartines as was able to pick them up for $14.  I feel like a character on the Tudors sometimes because of the neckline, but it's still pretty chic and the price was right!
Get Smart
Get Smart - by nojcrewinjapan on

Outfit Details -
Super 120s Blair Dress in Black, faux snake heels, cluster pearl bracelet, black patent leather belt, cinched over the cardigan and dress.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Countdown to Moving Day!

I realized I left the last blog about the house hanging. Yes, we got the house and we're moving in 10 days. The house is really a little beach cottage, across the street from a gorgeous little white sand beach. It has a tatami-mat room off the living room, with two bedrooms on the second floor and one on the first. The second floor bedrooms each have a large deck that overlooks the East China Sea.

I think the part that I love the best is the ocean view. & that the street is darling. & that it means peace and quiet. I'm so excited!

C'est La Vie...

I love my C'est La Vie tee so much, I had to polyvore an outfit to match it up with my favorite pair of jeans.
C'est La Vie
C'est La Vie - by nojcrewinjapan on

Outfit Details -
C'est La Vie ringspun tee, distressed slim vintage jeans, navy blue tartine cardigan. I think the Lulu heels in dark cloud are
si parfait, along with the pearl necklace and a nice structured black satchel.   The rosette belt with black and grey detail really add something different to the outfit.  

Wearing Today 2.17.09

Back to the grind...
Back to the Grind...
Back to the Grind... - by nojcrewinjapan on

Double-serge pencil skirt in black with the Pewter colored Tartine cardigan. Black tights if it's a little chilly tomorrow. If not, then probably just black-colored hose. Report Maryjanes. I love these. They have a similar shape to the Chanel pair that I covet. I'll probably wear a simple white tank underneath the cardi, and cinch it all up with the black patent skinny belt. My white watch will finish it off. I'll use my big black bag with a similar shape. & as usual, hair back and some shades.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Current Obsession: Mrs Meyers

Darn that Mrs. Meyers!  & darn the p/x too, for starting to carry her products.  Don't ask me why, but I find I think her cleaning products, especially the lavender, are darling.  & anything that helps me want to clean the house gets my vote, even if it's a couple of dollars more.  

Another Set Showcasing the Muted Colors of Spring

Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink - by nojcrewinjapan on

I'm in love with the muted hues this spring! An outfit I am looking forward to putting together.
Outfit details -
Michelle long merino cardi in putty, broken in boyfriend khakis worn rolled up above the ankle, chiffon rose tee in shell. I'd wear the skinny belt over the cardi. Pale almond Juliets. The Thompson tote in the metallic guava color, my bracelet and shades would complement this look.
Items I included here but don't own and so will have to tweak a bit are the two necklaces.  I'll have to go through what I have to see how I can style the outfit to accomplish a similar look.  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Funny Valentine...

I have a wonderful hubby.  He always seems to remember the most obscure thing I said or mentioned that I fancy.  Take for instance, this adorable clutch I said I had admired at one of the cute little shops in town.  I raved about it, for its throwback to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys, yet it is still very modern and simple in shape.  Although the wristlet takes on the look of pearls, it is decidedly not frou-frou.  The material, a thick slub silk, has a beautiful hand and texture, and the bow detail is so very Mad Men.  I love him for remembering that I loved this and I am deciding what to wear this with as we speak.  Am I lucky or what?

Newest Members to My Closet - Spring Wardrobe Essentials

I thought I'd polyvore all the items I've shamefully purchased for my spring wardrobe.  I'm one of those people that loves to add for spring, and J.Crew's initial spring rollout did not help my wallet.  99% of what I purchased is for spring, with a few birthday gifts thrown in here and there!
New Spring Additions
New Spring Additions - by nojcrewinjapan on

Tops: Sun bleached applique tee (aka, the Sakura tee), ringspun cotton rosette tee, tissue chiffon trim tee (glorious, this is so relaxed chic.  But if you're into body skimming sillouettes, this is not for you), the rolling ruffles tank ( I can't wait for this and have to thank FFM about her comments on the sizing), & the silk-linen v-neck sweater.  

Bottoms: Distressed vintage slim jeans (to be worn with the pant legs rolled up, mais oui), and the broken-in boyfriend chino (to be worn the same way as the jeans).  I also purchased the fan eyelet skirt.  I couldn't resist.  It is gorgeous IRL.

Accessories: I received the "A la Folie" bracelet by Louis Vuitton from my lovely husband for my 30th birthday a few weeks ago.  The fact that it is gorgeous on its own is one thing, but even better is that it is lovely paired with any of the items I purchased on my own.  The pearl cluster bracelet and the cluster ring are both gorgeous and add immediate impact to the casual bottoms and tops.  I am in love with both.  & the straw trilby hat.  For those days I feel like acting like a celebutard, this hat will be that piece that makes the outfit.  

Plans: I plan to incorporate things I already have (which are plentiful, unfortunately) into the mix, like my white watch and opera-length pearls done up whatever way I feel like that day (knotted, etc.).   & of course, the pearl Chanel sunglasses I was able to score on vacation in November... those are a necessity.  

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Newest Member to My Closet: The Silk Linen V-neck Sweater in Tropical Aqua

I instantly fell in love with the color of this sweater and the linen fabric is going to be divine for spring.  
Newest Member: The Silk Linen V-neck Sweater
Newest Member: The Silk Linen V-neck Sweater - by nojcrewinjapan on

Outfit Details: 
I paired the slightly slouchy sweater casually for weekend wear.  In my mind I'd wear it with a pair of white matchstick jeans that I own now, or my **new** boyfriend chinos that I just ordered and am dying to receive.  I don't know if its the look of the rolled up pant legs that bring to mind seventh grade happy memories, or that I've just been spending too much time on the J.crew website, but I think the look is darling.  Although the khakis were full price and I told myself I wouldn't buy anything that wasn't on sale, the khakis were calling my name and I had to do it.  With the recent 20% off, I told myself they would actually be discounted.  & really, they're very versatile and I can see them styled into tons of outfits.  I'm so excited!

Current Obsession: The Sakura Tee

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my Sakura Tee and am planning how to style it from what's in my closet. 

Sakura Tee - Day

Outfit Details: 
I put together 2 simple options based on the tee and the cuffed white chinos.  A must is the watch and the Thompson tote in the metallic guava color.  Depending on my mood and the feel of the event, I could go with simple sandals or the almond Juliet heels.  The Lea cardigan in snow could be a simple add in case the weather changes.  The final touch would be my opera length pearls, knotted and kept a little long.  Hair, for errands, is always pulled back in a bun with my Chanel shades for optimum effect. 

Wearing Today 2.14.09

Watch out world - I'm starting to Polyvore.

Running Errands 2.14.09
Running Errands 2.14.09 - by nojcrewinjapan on

Here's my outfit for the day.

Outfit details:
J.Crew Distressed vintage slim jean in antique destroyed wash, Tartine cardigan in the rhubarb color, Tissue chiffon-trim tee in white, and gold trim sandals. I wore my white Chanel J12 watch, and my bag is similar to this in color and shape, purchased in a shop in Japan.