Monday, August 31, 2009

Current Obsession: Ann Taylor Felted Wool Jacket

If I wrote LOVE twenty million times, it would still NOT be close to how much I actually adore this jacket. It is fabulous. It feels great. It fits like a glove (tried on a size 6), and I can only think how beautiful this will look as fall gets here. When the jacket is worn open, it has such a fabulous drape. It's very Audrey Hepburn / Jackie O. But when it's worn closed like the pic here, it is a more chic, Parisian vibe (that is perhaps not expressed in the pic). I am envisioning this jacket, black leggings, high flat black boots, and some grey weater, or something underneath. Overall, this is a winner... um, all except for the $220 price tag. But you know Ann Taylor... it will go on sale. OR I'll just have to sell some things in my closet on eBay to make some moola to buy this baby. That's recycling as I know it!

J.Crew on the Island??

May I present J.Crew-on-the-island at Ala Moana Shopping Center, just a hop, skip and a jump outside of Waikiki.
Pros: Vibe is very Hawaii. Translation: J.Crew on vacation with emphasis on white interior, dark floors, rattan furniture draped with Hawaiian-Quilted pillows. A few of the key trends are here, along with lots of jewelry. All one needs is a mai tai and this is Paradise Found, not Lost.

Cons: The vibe is very Hawaii. What can I say?? Flip flops and khakis 365 days a year, NEVER a full collection of clothing. Emphasis on t-shirts and only the more casual of dresses, and don't even try to look for tweed or Super 120s ANYTHING. Because it ain't there.

So. If you're looking for resort wear, as in, Gosh I need something to cover up my bikini - oh! & this tee and shorts will do! Well, then sisters, this is your place. If not, then stick to the website.

I know I will.

All Work & No Play Makes Marisa a Dull Girl

Now how much fun would culminating a 5-month training in Hawaii be if you couldn't celebrate a bit after passing a much hyped up final exam?? Given I've been flying every month to Hawaii only to discuss the intricacies of linear regression and hypothesis testing, I thought a passing grade deserved some drinkies amongst friends.

Mai Tai Bar at Ala Moana amongst pink hurr. I'm in the middle with the white J.Crew Lea Cardi and green and white silk DVF dress.

Well worth a space in this particular blog are these fine brews below, which we considered study aides and that I must attribute some of the fun to above.

Blue Moon, Koshi Hikari (Excellent Japanese beer) and Orion (Okinawan beer).

A Few Days of OOTDs!

I finally have a minute to sit back and blog a bit about some of the outfits I was able to take pics of while in Hawaii for work. I travel with like-colors so as to easily coordinate outfits and save time in the mornings trying to choose what to put together. (Um, try to ignore the ugly background and mess... This was a Navy Lodge and thus, it's not exactly the Four Seasons).

Details: DVF Graphic trapeze swing top, worn tucked in with J.Crew's Eyelet pencil skirt in a darkish charcoal-y color. Black skinny belt, also J.Crew. Shoes are J.Crew Juliets in Pale Almond.

After work, some people from class decided to head for Happy Hour, moi included.

In the effort to conserve clean clothes, I kept the DVF top from work on, this time worn trapeze-like with black skinny jeans and my *new* black Tory Burch Reva flats.

Another snap of the look.
Here's the next day, in the J.Crew Christobel Superfine Cotton Dress in Navy. Such a great sheath. Definitely something I'll keep for a long time. Decided to wear a matching navy colored merino cardigan from J.Crew as well. This one was from last fall, with the 3 chiffon roses at the neck. I have the black skinny belt on again, and tried to add some softer touches with the crystal necklace wrapped around my wrist as a bracelet. That didn't last all day. Wasn't working the way I'd hoped.

A full length of the look above, this time with a sneek peak of the J.Crew Serengeti Juliets. You know, I need something to make it *different.*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hawaii for a While

Hi All! I'm in Hawaii for work for the next few days, then off to Tokyo to take my son to Tokyo Disneyland before heading home. I've been taking some IRLs of my outfits for work and will post them as soon as I have some time to really blog about what I'm wearing. Also trying to take some pics of the great things I'm getting to add to my wardrobe and will take some pics of J.Crew when I get to it over here. Thanks!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Did I Just Buy Mohair & Feathers? Really??

J.Crew Mohair Souffle Cardigan in Golden Olive, $88 and Feather pin (not seen online), $22.50

& I did. What can I say? I'm a sucker for texture, color and comfort. I played with the idea of the Mohair Souffle cardigan online. The last time mohair was "in," I was "out," a nerdy fifteen year-old, to be exact. But in the light of the B&M, and paired just-so, this mohair sweater is actually very attractive. Pictured and bought in the Golden Olive color, the cut stops at the lower hip, is slimming, IMO, and is incredibly soft and light. A whip of souffle, indeed. The pin was just too interesting to give up and matched the Golden Olive color very nicely. The backing allows it to be used in your hair (imagine it with a tousled and low chignon - si jolie, non?) or as a pin. It had me at hello. The two together, coupled with a simple tee and perhaps my Minnie black pants that have shipped (but are not yet in my possession), will be, in theory, a smart and elegant early fall outfit choice. Definitely not nerdy.

Let There Be Reva!

New to my closet: Tory Burch "Reva" Ballet Flats in sooooooooft, black leather with the gold Tory buckles. Knowing I needed a new pair of black ballet flats, there was no question which ones I'd get. What can I say? I'm single-minded.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Smells Like Couture

You have to love P&G for coming up with the fabulous brand that is Juicy Couture.
This gorgeous top came in the mail today. Juicy Couture Angel Polka Dot Jacquard blouse, purchased for what equated to the cost of my right kidney on eBay. But ohhhh, I am so smitten.
It showed up in this ugly, non-descript package that in no way could ever look as if it held such a cute top:
Of course, while trying to take a pic, Kaya has to jump in to smell the bag. & the seller said it came from a pet-free home... Kaya will tell me the truth, won't you, baby?
Close-up detail of the material and front of the blouse:

Had to take a photo of the back...
& finally... Moi! Feeling good!

OOTD: Casual Friday

I'm in Japan, so I'm one day ahead time-wise. That's makes today my TGIF. My J.Crew $29.99 Popback Bateau Neck Dress in Strawberry is perfect for a day when I'm in the office, but only to get things done so I can fly out tomorrow. Comfy but respectable-like.
Nine West "Ketu" Sandals adds a little bit of Sasha Fierce to the whole thing.
Have a great day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In my cart at this very moment

I am intrigued by this top. The wool... the 3/4 sleeves... the draped neckline... the slubbed color... the darts. Yes. I think I likey. Alot. Very 60's. Very Betty Draper on a stay at home clean house day.
& look, with the Minnies... Yes, this is cute.
The Maya merino cardi is not *new*new, but still is SUPER cute and I love the twisted, drapey thing happening at the center. If you put a skinny belt around it, the look would be dissheveled librarian chic, which is oh so fetching, IMO.

& ... am I seeing things clearly? Is this Mrs. O's tweed skirt from her Vogue Magazine shoot from this past Spring? Well, I think it is. Here you are, honey, and at $158. I love me some tweed and I am fixated on this one. This is a no-arguments order. It's a must-have.

Um, ankle socks optional.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Best $40 I Spent This Week

This is it RIGHT HERE. Gossip Girl Season 2! & so what if I can't watch you right now, my pretty. I have a 5-hour layover in Tokyo this Saturday and I'm planning to plunk myself down in the Red Carpet Club, get myself a glass of something, and watching you until my flight's ready to go!

Now just for sh*ts and giggles, I also found this and HAD to have it:

C'mon and tell me you NEVER loved this show when you were 6 or 7 years old. Before video games came in a box and connected to your TV, when we actually stood up and walked our little behinds to a HUGE standstill game that took quarters, didn't you just want to get up there and kick some "Xur and the Kodan Armada" butt?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I can do this...

So this is the starting gate. This is where all the major decisions are made. The hub of operations, if you will. The closet. Well. This is the closet where I keep my dresses and skirts. Door is closed on other end because I must share it with Hubby. For shame, I know I know. But he wears the Crew! So it's a pretty gorgeous side of his closet, too. Anyway, that's neither here nor there to the point of my blog today. See anything that you recognize? Probably already have? Any recognizable prints? Do you see how many dark or black dresses I have? I have a boring side.
Here is the dress I pulled out this morning. DVF wool shift dress with the cutest pockets. I am looking a little *fat* but I can live with that.
Close up of teh shoes. J.Crew Juliet Serengeti heels. Purrrrrrrrr.

Have a good day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

BCBG Additional 20% Off Sale - Get it now!

Braided Leather Perfection:
Mirna - Regular Price $198, Sale $99
& now an additional 20% off $79.20!

The Equipment has Arrived!

So I am almost a happy, organized girl... I'm getting myself situated here. I went out today and got a new "Blog Purposes Only" camera. Here's mah new baby, getting situated on my desk:

Hello, my pretty and useful little thing!

Here is the new camera next to the Big Daddy Camera's lens:
You're so tiny and cute!

& all this so that when I take IRLs, I don't make scrunched up faces like this:

Ha! WTF on the squinting!

This is moi, trying to look all cute (squinty one-eye and all) in a DVF flowy trapeze silk top, the fan eyelet mini skirt from J.Crew, and a black leather belt, cinched around the waist, also from J.Crew. I am actually tippy-toe-ing so I can get the skirt in the shot. Not the most fabulous of my moments, and at 7:00am, feeling somewhat hot-mess-like.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Bugger Can Nothing Go Right?

Seriously... I fancied up the blog (& really, this is fancy for my CSS/html skills), I went out today and bought the full-length mirror. & now, I can NOT find my point-and-shoot Exilim camera (Because you do NOT want to see IRL OOTD pics of me, with my Nikon SLR, with one eye closed and my mouth all...crooked. Not Cute. No, definitely not cute). Rats.

This is some serious stuff. I am on a mission to get on with the IRLs. Tomorrow may mean checking out the camera section at the Exchange.

The drama in my life.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Under Construction...

Ladies, pardon the dust while I pretty up the blog layout. If you see the backgrounds, fonts or title changing over and over, please bear with me while I finalize the vision. Soon I'll have a small intro the new look, to include OOTD IRLs.

Thanks bunches for the patience.

Gotta Rave About the Apple

Helloooo, Vanderbilt dress. Are you truly as fabulous as you seem from your great pic? Will I also have as much carefree fun as this chick appears to be having if I too weareth you? Vanderbilt Dress, Silk, $118 at

Reading through Chloe's blog (like we all do), I saw this great dress and topic. It's about a clothing company called ShabbyApple that has a sort-of Anthropologie-esque vibe um, without the name brands and without the name-brand prices. Norman religions aside, if you just take it for face value and check out the fashion-y parts, then what you'll find are chic dresses (& only dresses). Some are a little too Man Men for my taste (Hello, Madison Avenue dress, I speaketh of you, darling), but some are pretty cute, pretty reasonably priced, and just plain... pretty!

There's a section called Fit to Flatter where you walk through three questions to determine your body type and then ShabbyApple comes up with some suggestions for dresses that flatter your shape. I found it to be pretty accurate and always love a little help or two when staring at the computer thinking, Would I really look good in that??

This is pretty much me. Apple body. Thinner legs, check. Thinner arms, check. "Fullness" through stomach? For sure, most assuredly, check.

What I found really interesting was their blog here. The article on how to shop online, for instance, I found really helpful. I live in Japan and am limited pretty much to ONLY shopping online and it's difficult to judge color, contrast etc. It's a helpful blog for people like me who aren't so savvy at knowing just what looks good with the goods I got.

Anyway, check it out! The dresses are pretty reasonable. They are pretty cute. & the guides to what looks best are fabulous. It made my day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Bateau Dress... Today's Great Buy!

[Hello, my pretty! I will be seeing you in about a week!]

I LOVE this dress. I couldn't tell you how much. I have it in grey and I wear it often. It is a great go-to. Found it as a pop-back in a Small just now in Final Sale and got it for $29.99! I am a happy girl tonight!

Monday, August 10, 2009

IRLs Coming Shortly...

Thanks to all of you, I've been convinced to take a few IRL photos of my outfits, and I am going to comply... As soon as I get a full length mirror that I can take the photos with. The mirror I get dressed with now basically goes to my knees, and I want something I can show off mah shoes with. BTW, Hubby is laughing at the prospect of me taking photos of my clothes for strangers.

But ladies, he just doesn't understand! First, you aren't strangers! You are friends in the blogsophere who get my J.Crew addiction and share it. & for that, I think of you all as friends who know what I am going through - waiting on fall collections, disgust over pilling cashmere, variations in sizes, crazy-weird designs that you wonder what Jenna was smoking when she thought it up --- & how 90% of it is the most gorgeous, most fabulous, most wonderful designs you ever did see. Oh, how I am such a J.Crew lover.

Well. Don't lose faith in me. I am joining, as soon as I can get the mirror!

Monday, August 3, 2009

To IRL OOTDs, or to not. That is the [Great] Question.

[Do you IRL?]

I have been asked a few times if I take IRL pics of my outfits. The answer is not yet... & the reason is because it's pretty scary for me to put myself out there. & the second reason is because I don't consider myself fashionable. IRL I am a girl who dresses pretty plainly. Yes, I luuuuurve the Crewlade. Oh how I love the Crewlade {despite self-denials to the contrary}. I think I have an eye for fashion, and the truth is that I'm obsessed. But I don't dress all fashion-y everyday, and I'm not sure that if I started, would I be able to keep up. There is obvious apprehension over the OOTD IRL's.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Case Against Ruffles

Ruffles have become a nuisance to me. Ruffles on tops. Ruffles on jackets [& I'm talking about you, Falling Petals, now $129.99 on sale]. Ruffles!!! I admit I was a ruffle connoisseur earlier this year. Couldn't get enough. I fell inlove with the J.Crew Elizabeth halter, proclaimed it the best top everrrr and then proceeded to buy not 1, not 2, but 3 of them (In black, ivory, and the navy shown here). I loved the ruffly collar. I bought the J.Crew Madison dress, again for the girlishness it brought. & speaking of girlishness! How about my J.Crew Serengeti dress - the grande dame of ruffly perfection. I have no problems with you, dear reader, loving ruffles. I just know my closet will be taking a break from frills.

[The Elizabeth Halter: Heading to eBay in the very near future for a very good price.]

[The Madison Dress: It's ruffles have seen their heyday. Back to the closet with you!]

[I could never be mad at you, Serengeti. You are lightning in a bottle, even with your ruffles.]

I'm done. I've had my fill and I'm walking away from the table, declaring ruffles a hot mess - YES, I SAID IT - and moving on to simpler pieces without them. Have you walked into Forever 21 lately? It is all ruffles, all the time. It is a literal sea of ruffles (& short 80's inspired floral party dresses). & for reasons that only fashion gods know - that right there is evidence that ruffles have jumped the shark.

But I can't give up the ruffle completely. Like mah loverly Serengeti - I'll never get rid of that dress. That dress had me at hello. I'll always have a little room in my closet for a ruffle or two. A little bit 'o flounce is a cute thing. But a menagerie of ruffles (which seems to be the case these days) is simply not acceptable. I draw the line, sir. I draw the line.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recent eBay Escapades

[Diane Von Furstenberg Green & White Georgette dress, photo credits to seller: vintagefashionjewels]

[Super cute and ready for summer]

I guess I'm off on a Diane Von Furstenberg tangent. I seem to gravitate towards her pieces now the way I pined for J.Crew in the past. Still sticking to my mantra of having to love something before I buy it, so I'm hoping to see some great usage come out of these pieces.

Saturday Loves

[Bidding on eBay: The simply fabulous Juliet in the Safari print... A few seasons old to the world but will be new to my closet]

[More eBay fun! Diane Von Furstenberg wool Ayuka dress in camel. A shift with a perfect neckline and a little bit 'o the forgiving in the middle. Photo credits to seller: nycdealfinder]
[Tocca Brigitte Eau de Parfum. A little bit of sassy for the office]

Update: I won both the shoes and the dress! Today's a great day! & perhaps soon, the IRL postings will begin.