Saturday, January 17, 2009

Current Obsession: The J.Crew Classic Peacoat

*Sigh*... How I am so in love with this peacoat from J.Crew.  It's currently on Final Sale for $169.99 + a promotional 20% off in addition to the sale price!  Ugh.  It's gorgeous.  My senses are immediately attracted to the vibrant plum hue.  Such a nice pop of color amidst the doldrums of January weather.  Okinawa really isn't too cold.  I think our lows are around 50 degrees farenheit at this time of year.  Hardly enough to warrant the need for a $170 + 20% off pea coat, for sure.  But I am envisioning the pea coat with black leggings and flat riding boots.  Or skinny denim and a cute black tee.  & I just can't take my eyes off the color. If you know J.Crew, then the quality is not even an issue and the coat would totally be worth the price.  But my recent shopping habits are precluding me from purchasing this gorgeous coat.  Classic american styling and vibrant color = fabulous.  I am in need.  Anyone want to buy it for my birthday?

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