Saturday, January 17, 2009

First on the agenda... The houses in my life.

I'm seriously obsessed right now with houses.  I've lived on Lester since I set foot on this island almost three years ago.  We live here by force and not by choice.  I.e., we were told we were going to like it whether we really did or not.  & I haven't complained... too much.  There isn't that much to say.  Lester is simple, clean and adequate for our needs.  & let's not forget there's no costs out of our pockets for it and we live here with ample a/c, running water, trash pick up, minimal recycling separation duties, etc., and have done so happily for some time.  My all time favorite reason for this place?  Typhoon season.  When a Cat V typhoon comes tearing through this place, I can rest easy because I know I'm safe in my little concrete bunker.  

But there are times when I just want to cringe.  I like things to look nice and enjoy making my interior attractive.  But you just can't do that here.  The place is old, for one.  The only real interior style you can implement here is shabby chic, so as to coordinate with one's 1940's-esque kitchen's pale yellow cabinets, floors, and 4x4 tiled walls.  The old school institutional tiled floors are not particularly my bag, either.  

& then there is the issue of inconsiderate neighbors, crazy kids running around, cardboard boxes in my front yard, and the school district we're in.  All of it is a recipe for us to move off base.  

Off base!!  Oh how the words are so beautiful.  But yet the path is not so easy, either.  There's the deposit on the new place, the new costs out of pocket, the language barrier (I speak only a smidgin' of the nihon-go), and everything else.  & on top of it all, you need to find a house you like, that you can afford, in an area that "speaks" to your sensibilities. 
Well, I think I found mine.  
I'm obsessed with a certain street in Yomitan about 5 minutes from Torii Station.  The street is very short, runs along a gorgeous beach, and butts up to a park with a playground.  There are maybe 6 or 7 houses on the street, all different in style, but with a certain je-ne-sais-quois that combines that fabulous japanese-modern aesthetic with relaxed beach living.  The house is small - 1100 sq ft, but has 3 bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 baths, all wood floors, a tatami room, 2 upstairs decks off the bedrooms with dramatic ocean views, and a simply divine back yard just begging for some bbq, wine and friends.  My head is dizzy with the ideas I have for this place.  The price is right and I am so worried someone will take it.  It's my slice of heaven... If we're able to get it!  We're waiting for it to pass the american inspection all off-base houses need to go through in order to be rented by Americans.  

I really want this house!  It's all I can think of!

Wish us luck!

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