Friday, April 2, 2010

Shine on, baby.

I'm feeling a little easy-breezy today, Ladies. Most of my taskers for the move are either done or on their way to completion and work is wrapping up today. Today! My last day of high-flying fun with the best co-workers and boss in the world. To keep the day light and in light of my Hawaii-bound self, I decided to throw together a look that said Happy Day. This was my Happy Day outfit.

Wearing Today:
J.Crew Collection Sequined Raye Tank
J.Crew Jackie Cardigan in Champagne
J.Crew White Matchstick Jeans
J.Crew Crystal Necklace
J.Crew Pearl Necklace
Chanel J12 Watch
Not Shown, but wearing: J.Crew Patent Juliet Heels in a light beige color (name escapes me at the moment)

This is the first time I'm wearing the Sequin Raye tank, and I've had it for awhile now and I have to say I like it very much. I bought the medium and I like the length and where it hits at the hip on me (I'm 5'4" if that helps). I am NOT the type of girl who normally wears sequins to the office, but I have to say the top is rather understated for something so blinged out, and besides, today is my last work day here in Japan and it's a Friday. Of which all these excuses adds up to moi wearing whatever the heck I felt like today. I am such a huge Jackie fan. I only have 2 Jackie cardigans but I love them. I love them for their washer-dryer friendliness and their fit.

In shopping news, I've re-banned myself, but if you saw my Anthro cart right now you would only say, "For shame!" It is soooo out of control. Anthro just has the cutest stuff right now. Let us hope I make it through this weekend with enough will power not to purchase it all. But it's all so gorg! What does a shopaholic do in trying times like these, when retail therapy appears to be only answer to the moving-to-a-new-country stress levels I've been under?

Send me your thoughts and have a nice weekend Ladies!


  1. pretyy, pretty gorgeous combo! I hope you have been well, I have been a pathetic commenter of late. I know you are moving in a few weeks, I wish all the luck in the world and may it be pain free! :-)

    PS. Color of the Juliets is almond, I have the same!

  2. Almond! You rock, Jemma! I wish you the best in your move, too, Sweetie. I know you will kick butt in your new role and place. We all move on. Glad to see you here! I've missed you!

  3. I love that shirt! Good luck with the move, girl!

  4. I love this top!! I'm waiting for it to go on sale. You look fantastic. Good luck with your new job!

  5. Heyyy that top looks coooool!

  6. Dr. Drama, Patina and Yogagirl, I definitely recommend the top. I bought it b/c I was so worried it would sell out and I am so OVER the sold out merch. Have a good weekend!

  7. nice look. i've seen that top in person and it's very pretty. have lots of fun and sun in Hawaii!

  8. Great look!