Monday, April 26, 2010

Special Guest Outfit of the Day: My Mom!

Here at According to Moi, we don't just limit Outfit of the Days to just moi - it's a family effort at times. So since Little Guy is regularly featured, I thought I would introduce another to the blogosphere.... my mom! She looks good, right? She was channeling Audrey Hepburn in a major way on a recent shopping excursion and I told her to pose for the blog. It's a simple outfit but executed extremely well! Good job, Mom!

Wearing Today:

T-shirt & Jeans: Banana Republic

Bag: Dooney & Bourke

Flats: Ann Taylor

A great shot of the perfect ballet flats from Ann Taylor. I love these shoes and wasn't quick enough to grab them. They were done in a faux snake, which I'm sure 99.99% of you know. Too bad the detail isn't evident in the shot.

As an update to a previous post on the Talitha Getty dress from J.Crew, no, I ended up not getting it. My overthinking and usual procrastination, coupled with worrying about the pattern and quilt-bedding effect the dress might have on me won over my want of the dress. On to set my sights on a new object to obsess about!

Also finally settling in here in Hawaii, so posts will follow about what's been going on over here in the last few weeks with some new photos and reports on the differing experiences! Looking to forward to sharing with y'all all that's new!


  1. Now I know where your good looks come from! Mom is beautiful and sharply dressed. Must be nice to be around family again!

  2. Your Mom looks fab! She must've been a baby when she started a family, OR, you are just 20, right?

  3. Thanks Lesa, I thought so too!

    Jen, I just hope I look as good in my 50s too!

  4. Your mother looks GORGEOUS! I love the jeans, tee, and flats, especially with that bright red bag! It's so simple, but so very chic!

  5. Hey Marisa's mom!
    Ma, she is beautiful!!

  6. Amy, she loves that big red bag and it seems go to with everything in her wardrobe.

    Beth, I absolutely agree on the flats. I love them too. Still bummed I didn't get them when I had the chance!

    TOOTD, you are too! Miss you!

  7. Beautiful mother! How are you enjoying HAWAII? jealous.

  8. What?? that's your mom??? tres chic!

  9. Your mom looks lovely. And you're right about the flats.

    Of you have any idea who sells the shoes in your blog header? Is that Anthro?