Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Case for the Harem Jumper... in 2010, in the Fall, at a Baby's 1st Birthday

Yes, I wore a harem jumper. Say it with me, ladies. Harem. Jumper. With the bubble necklace! I sometimes act trendy on rare occasions, even though technically, harem jumper is not in my preppy-love-jcrew lexicon I've become fluent in over the last few years.

On another note, this was worn not-in-the-summer, after Labor Day, and with a cardigan.
mm. hmm. You're really feeling it now, I'm sure.
But Ladies, I have to say, there is a place and time for the harem jumper.
I think it's actually cute!

& can I tell you I was comfortable?
Like very comfy? & I felt very free and cute?
& I got compliments.
Let's not forget I am in Hawaii (perpetual summer, hot, humid, tradewinds that necessitate a cardigan from time to time)... We have no fall months. No changing colors of the trees. No seasonal changes. But instead, the upside is that I get to wear harem jumpers in every season of the year!

Harem Jumper: BCBG
Sandals: BCBG

On a festive note, how cute is this candy bar at the party? The theme was sweets and cupcakes and I think the candy bar fit in perfectly with the party.

Great ideas for my own shindigs in the future.
I had a blast. So did the jumper. Consider it, ladies! It's outside of the norm, it's trendy, but so are candy bars at parties, but they look great!


  1. Thanks BakerGirl! I knew there had to be someone to like my jumper!

  2. Thanks FFM! It was a look I don't usually go for, but had fun with!