Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kelly's Mad Science Birthday Party, the New House & some crazy news.

What a week, peeps. I need to sit down and have a drink just thinking about it -- but I won't, and more on that later. Well, first we moved into the new house and that has been hectic. We had two moving trucks show up with all our furniture and belongings from Japan, and then two days later were barraged with two more moving trucks filled with things we've had in storage for the past 4 years -- aka, everything that we had decided not to bring to Japan when we moved there. I am awash in boxes.

But despite that little setback, I spent the first week setting up the public spaces and the most important private ones. So I'm proudly here to say that my living, dining, kitchen and bedrooms were set up and ready for use. Above is a photo I took of our family room set up. While living in Japan, we (ironically) acquired tons of Chinese antiques, so we tried to mix them with our furniture from the pre-Japan days. I've thrown in a cowhide for flair. I've always had a flair for the dramatic.

Speaking of dramatic, after 7 days of mad unpacking skills, we threw the Little Guy a Mad Scientist birthday party. Here's a photo of his Candy Lab. We had a mad scientist come and enthrall the kids with great feats of chemistry, including making cotton candy and their own slime.

I had found some beakers online, and filled those and some plastic, kid-friendly test tubes up with jelly beans, m&ms and other fun goodies. The kids had a blast and the Candy Lab got wiped at the end of the day.

& if that's not enough to make you tired --- We found out we are expecting another little one! Peeps, our Little Guy is 7 now. Hubs and I were President, Secretary and Sergeant-at-Arms of our own One-&-Done Club. I'm sure it's like riding a bicycle and we'll get right back in the swing of baby things, right? We're excited to no end and really surprised, but we feel so blessed! We get to top off the year with exciting news and a growing family.

& if it's a girl, there's a Crewcuts wardrobe waiting for her. :0)


  1. Yay, congrats on the news of a new little one :) How exciting. And what an awesome party you threw for the little guy you already have! I would have loved a mad scientist party (complete with a candy lab) as a child =)

  2. OMG - Yay! So happy for you. I will temporarily fill your spot as pres of the 1 and done club. I'm typing this with 1 hand since the other is holding up a breast pump in the middle of doing its thang at 3:30 a.m. finally got my precious bambino to sleep!

    love the mad scientist theme for the bday. so creative.

    your house looks fab.

  3. Wow...congratulations! This is such exciting news!!! Your house is looking gorgeous and now you get to decorate a baby nursery, too!

    The Mad Scientist birthday party is such a cute idea! I may need to try that one out for one of my kiddos. :)

  4. Congratulations! What a pleasant suprise for you all! The new home looks so nice. No one can say you don't have good timing!!!

  5. Thank you to all of you ladies for the well-wishes! The Mad Scientist party was a hit and still rather new (though definitely catching on) as a party theme. The kids all had a blast.

    @goldenmeans, the kids LOVED the candy lab. They all donned white lab coats and mad scientist glasses I found at Oriental Trading, and they made little name tags that said "Dr. ______." They were sooo cute.

    @Susan, yes, definitely take that spot over. I have much to learn from you on the multi-tasking front! You go, mama.

    @FFM, a nursery!! can't wait!

    @DrDrama, thanks! Mad Scientist party was cool, though I'm waiting for a girl who will ask me for a Pirate-Princess party --- that was so adorable. Can't wait to throw one of my own!

    @Kathy, my timing is scarily perfect! Well, there goes my girly Mom-Cave that was the extra room. It even has princess doors. Cross your fingers for a girl!

  6. Yahoo! Congratulations! :)

    I love the theme for the bday party, btw.

  7. First of all- I love the birthday idea- so original and way cooler than some spiderman or other cartoon character party! I love the candy in the beakers! And can't wait to see pictures of the new home!

    And most importantly CONGRATS! What a lovely christmas present for your family! I hope you get your little girl!

  8. @dina, thanks for stopping by and posting! Stay warm over there in the NOVA and Happy Holidays!

    @rach, totally agree about the party theme. I was joking around with my family that the party was more for me than my little guy, but he def loved the theme and the kids ended up having a blast. It was definitely harder to find party-related items, though and could have been easier to pop by a Party City and pick up some Toy Story 3 items, but this was so much more fun!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS! What an exciting year this will be for you! & the Birthday theme... LOVE IT. Might have to borrow it for next years b day bash. So cute!

  10. I totally missed this post. Congratulations!!! :)