Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day in the Sub-Tropics

Hubs and I haven't really done anything special for Valentine's Day in the last few years, mainly due to a babysitter shortage since we've moved overseas. Gone are the days of Mama and PopPop being able to easily watch the baby for us to have a date night alone. Hubs actually surprised me this morning with a Valentine's Day lunch out, little guy in-tow.

I was excited and wanted to wear something soft and romantic and appropriate for a lunch date and thus decided to pull this look together. Given our moving back to the US very shortly, I've had to curb the shopping addictions in a major way, taking my time to shop my closet more than ever. What it's taught me is that I definitely have a full wardrobe with some very cool choices, perhaps that I never thought about in the past.

I found this antique-ish cream colored lace top and paired it with a similar colored camisole underneath. I put it together with a pair of J.Crew dark toothpick ankle jeans, which on my shorty legs comes right below my ankle. They look full-length on me, like I got them tailored that way. Can I digress for a moment and tell y'all how much I love the toothpick ankle jeans/cords from J.Crew? They're great for curvy gals like me. It was a little chilly outside and overcast, so I cardi partied the top with a few-years-old cardi from Ann Taylor. What I love about this cardi is that is has cream colored silk appliqued roses all over it and silk covered buttons. Finished the look with a J.Crew jeweled bracelet in neutral tones and my opera length pearl strand tied in a big 'ole knot.

No Name Lace Top
No Name Camisole
J.Crew Toothpick Ankle Dark Rinse Jeans *a favorite*
Opera Length Pearl Strand
J.Crew Jeweled Bracelet
J.Crew Serengeti Juliet heels (not pictured)

Lunch was at a small cafe about 15 minutes from our home at a picturesque little cafe on this lazy looking river, whose banks were dotted with tree ferns the whole way. You can see the cafe in this photo on the right. It was secluded, quiet and very intimate.

The yummy goods. If you're familiar with Japanese food, this was your usual fare, except it was dotted with organic and local ingredients and everything was extremely yummy. & beautiful! I'm amazed every time at how intricately each piece of food is prepared and arranged.

After lunch and probably to work off the food we ate, Hubs drove up to Zakimi-Jo, a castle ruin site about 10 minutes away. Zakimi-Jo is a World Heritage site and stands in quiet majesty on a hilltop.

As if to end a perfect day, I caught sight of a girl in traditional kimono and paper umbrella, walking the top of the castle wall. While I was kicking myself for not bringing my zoom lens, I couldn't believe neat this day had been. What a perfect Valentine's Day.


  1. Marisa,
    I LOVE THIS BLOUSE, so romantic and has the "antique look" message. L O V E !

  2. I love the lace blouse--it is SO pretty! Happy valentine's day :) I just did a post on the swap. xo

  3. HVD!!! That ensemble you put together is gorgeous. I know the feeling about having to curb the shopping whilst moving, its driving me bonkers too. Anyways, looks like you had a gorgeous V day!! :-)

  4. TOOTD, I loved the romantic notion of the top for Valentine's Day!

    tres tippy, I'll be sure to check out the post!

    Jemma Ruby, the no-shopping rule while moving sucks!! Esp with 20% off and I'm sitting here on the couch with my hands behind my back!

  5. I love your outfit today! Looks like you had a fabulous day!

  6. I love your look. It's so antique-ish. Is that a word?

    Glad you recovered from your hangover in time for the best day of the year - V Day.

  7. I think this top is just beautiful! Your outfit is stunning. And it looks like you guys had a fun, sweet day together, yay :)

  8. SO BEAUTIFUL! The lace top is gorgeous and romantic. Your Hubby really delivered on Valentine's Day lunch! The photographs you took are amazing... I can't believe that in all that greenery there's a little cafe serving such amazing food.

  9. Kathy, Thanks! Got your 2nd book -- thank yoU!!!!

    Suze, I still think Thanksgiving is the best day ever. Turkey. Adam Sandler songs about Turkey. 4 day weekends. The. Best. Ever.

    goldenmeans, thank you very much - it was kind of subdued but I felt very romantic!

    HeidiG, thanks!

    amy kelinda, I can't wait to go back to that restaurant. But in the meantime, so so so need to brush up on my kanji.

  10. You looked gorgeous! Love that blouse on you...hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  11. your top is amazing!