Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a Weekend.

Ladies, let me first take a huge gulp of this fabulous Amarone Valpolicella vino I have in front of me, because this has been the weekend of all weekends, and I so deserve this sip. So Saturday morning, we were awoken at 5:30am by 7.0 earthquake that hit 50 miles off the coast of Okinawa. Not fun. I swear the house shook for about 30 seconds (2x as long as the news outlets reported) and it felt like forever. We were put on tsunami watch for the rest of the morning given we are on an island with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the East China Sea on the other. Luckily everything here is built out of concrete and little damage was really done -- we are LUCKY. & the tsunami that "hit" was measured at 1 cm, or so one media source said, though since we just discussed how accurate they were in the length of time the quake lasted, I am at a crossroads as to what to believe about that.

Blowing bubbles on the deck out back before the tsunami warnings started. Aaaah to be a kid!
*hair toss*

Then the earthquake in Chile strikes and we were put on tsunami warning today. Hubs and I live in a house across the street from the ocean and thus we were in the evacuation zone. The fact that we are here as a result of our employment by the government, we were required to evacuate until given an all-clear. & so we have been out and about all day - shopping, eating, and driving in highly elevated areas. We were given the all-clear at a little after 5pm and I can't tell you how exhausted we are. First, if I had spent the day out like that, I would normally be kaput by the time I got home. But since this trek was done under the guise that my house and belongings could literally be covered in water by the time I was allowed back, I was stressed. Even if we knew that more than likely the tsunami would be minimal, we still worry. We are worriers. Y'all know what a stresser I am about what I buy from J.Crew so you have to know how I felt about all this.

* Takes another big swig from the wine glass *

There go Little Man's bubbles -- over dead palm branches from a recent storm.

Well, I'll leave it at that. Our weekend was a stressful one, for sure. But I took some very cute pics of my Little Guy playing bubbles and having a nice Sunday morning (before the tsunami warning was issued). It's fabilis to be a kid, isn't it? To not have to worry about whether some huge wave is going to come crashing down on you and to just be outside blowing bubbles. Lordy, I miss those days.


  1. Girl,
    What a weekend!!! I feel that I didn't do anything and just wasting my time running away from the tsunami. I am glad that everybody are safe now.

  2. So glad to hear you guys are okay. We have a few other in Japan and were worried about them when we heard of the earthquakes.

  3. Marissa,

    I'm so glad you are a.o.k. When we were watching the news yesterday morning, I said to The Husband, "I hope my girls in Japan are doing alright." Stay safe and strong! xoxo. S.

  4. Thanks Ladies - This is the most drama we've had since we've been here. We are safe and very lucky. Look at Haiti and Chile. I'm hoping this week is very chill for everyone.

  5. So glad you all are ok!! Wow...very scary indeed.


  6. Oh My Gosh--that does sound sooo stressful--and the picture of your Son innocently blowing bubbles--and the seriousness of what was going on really hit me hard. So many people in Haiti and Chile were probably doing their normal everday stuff and then the disaster hit!
    I'm glad you made it through the weekend safe and sound!

  7. I'm so glad to hear you and the family are well and also that no JCrew garments were ruined this weekend. I would have been a ball of stressful nerves that day. I would have not handled that well at all, we are very similar that way.

    I hope all the crazy things happening in nature start to calm down.

  8. Beth, we are all safe and fine and relieved to be in the midst of a boring week!

    yogagirl, thanks for thinking about us and I know what you mean about just doing the usual and then to get hit with something so catastrophic. You are a wonderful lady to think about others like that!

    Summerilla, lol to the safe garments, so true. There is such a huge amount of investment in my closet I would have freaked. You and I are totally similar that way in the stress department. Thank goodness things have calmed down over here but my heart goes out to Haiti and Chile.

  9. I cannot imagine the stress of the weekend for you! Glad you all came through it so well. Your son's peacefullness just shows how good a job you did keeping the event low key for him!

  10. My gracious - what a weekend! Glad you are able to enjoy the vino - you deserve it. Love the bubbles pics - so peaceful, so calming.

  11. WOW! What a weekend you had! I'm also glad to hear that you are all ok! :)

  12. Kathy, Heidi G and FFM, thank you ladies for all your well wishes. We were stressed but the week is going much smoother. Little guy over here has forgotten about it all and is back to studying his crystals and playing legos and the vino has been put away. Thanks again and have a good week!

  13. That sounds terrifying! I am so glad that you and your family are okay. The news of the quake in Chile was heartbreaking, to say the least. Your photos of your little guy are beautiful, though, and a real reminder of what is precious in life.