Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Anthropologie is the New J.Crew...for me, anyway...

... or at least for now. There are a few items from the new collection I must have, but for a lot of it, I'm not sure if I'm just feelin' a little more bohemian than usual. So while I like my heaping dose of crewlade, these days I find myself perusing Anthro more and more.

Wearing Today:
Silk Patched Plaid Dress, from Anthropologie. Brand: Plenty by Tracy Reese
Sequin Placket Cardigan, J.Crew
Worn with (but not shown): City Ballet Flats, brown suede, J.Crew

Case in point, today's OOTD. I am loving this dress. It is comfortable. It is light. It is... a size larger than I usually take. Which freaks me out, because this is the second dress I have bought recently where a larger size has been for the better. Scary. Needless to say I've gone back to the gym in a major way, with 2 days a week doing cardio and 2 days a week doing yoga. My body is sore but I need to do something about larger dress size situation. Soooo not okay.

Oh! The best part of the dress? $49.99, marked down from a FP of $188! Y'all know I loves me a deal!


  1. Your body may be the same! All clothing brands are cut differently and I find Anthro brands run on the small size compared to J. Crew. Though with J. Crew, I have been wearing the same size for years and I know that I have gained weight!

    The dress is beautiful! I have the navy city flats and I get compliments each time I wear them!

  2. Congrats on your fitness routine and your steal from Anthro. I love Anthro, too, but I tend to buy more from J. Crew. I think Anthro can be overpriced on a lot of things. So, go you with your crazy sale dress. Woo-hoo!

  3. I love that dress on you, it looks pretty!! And yey for enjoying Anthro more and more, it's my most favorite store!!

  4. Kathy, you're definitely right about the sizing, J.Crew's vanity sizing has kept me happy and secure and I don't realize the sizing elsewhere because I hardly shop elsewhere. I love the city flats too. So simple and cute!

    Suze, Tru dat, that Anthro can be overpriced. Most definitely. This dress, if it was FP, as Whitney Houston said on her show, "Hells to the Naw." But for the sale price, me loves.

    DEA, thanks! I think I'm just liking the bohemian vibe as of late. But I'm a Crew Lover to the bone so we will see if this is something that will stick!

  5. Fantastic dress! I don't shop Anthro that often just because the 2 closest to me aren't that convenient. But they do have some fantastic sale prices!!

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