Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some New J.Crew Goodies

People say golf is an expensive habit, but whoever says that is truly not even knowing about the full-blown powerful J-crack addictions. I say this in all seriousness, peeps. I actually consider myself restrained for putting the mouse down for a few months and holding myself back from the sweet sound of the clickety-click and hitting Submit Order on jcrew.com.

My glorious mega-order has arrived! Now let's hope it lasts me a few months.

This was the mega-order, ladies. The order which I had been waiting to make in, oh, forever (if by forever you get that I mean January). It has been 2 months since my last indiscretion and I went for the gusto and now that the goodies have arrived I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at what has me grinning like The Joker. That bag in the back? It's holding in its clutches the J.Crew Collection Curator pants my PS had tracked down in total sleuth-like fashion. The items in the box in front? The flannel Banquette dress, the Neopolitan pencil skirt, a black merino tunic, and the Hand Cut Flower Art tee I ordered from Final Sale to basically get the free shipping that was being offered at the time.

I'm quite satisfied with the tee. J.Crew says, "Each of these silk flower appliqués are hand cut and hand stitched with neon thread. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece." The flowers are rather delicate and look very nice, not cheapily sewn haphazardly. I am a little concerned about the flower edges and how frayed they'll be after a few washes, and the flower's center seems like it may come undone - all in one piece - as well. Well, it was about $20 and shipping on my order would have been $18. So I look at it like it's a great alternative to paying for the shipping fee, and I always love when you get something that you didn't think would impress you or catch your eye and then it does.

A little detail of the Hand Cut Flower Art Tee, now Final Sale and $29.99
I'm sort of surprised at its cuteness.

Another favorite out of the order? The Neopolitan pencil skirt. J.Crew says, "Our perfect pencil silhouette—leg lengthening and fit to flatter—updated for spring in a painterly brushstroke jacquard (it's exclusive to us)". The jacquard is really pretty and has a little bit of shimmer in the light. It's kind of fish scale-y, but in a totally good way. The fabric is thick and feels almost quilt-like; It's not cheap and thin. It does seem to fit a teeny bit snug, which makes me cringe, because this baby is currently only offered in my usual size 6 (which I ordered and seems to be slightly tight), and a 10. It looks like I'll be stalking the site until I can land on an 8, or contact the PS to search it down for me. Then, and only then, will I give up the skirt I have now. That is the power of the J-crack, ladies. I actually am willing to hold on to the ill-fitting skirt until I can find one in my size before letting it go. Because the thought of losing a few pounds to get myself into this thing has not necessarily been ruled out.

I did not take photos of the merino tunic and the banquette dress, if only because black photographs so not well. I'll try to take IRLs in the next few days of the items so you'll get to see what I did with them!


  1. Oh, what fun! Isn't it fun getting a JC fix? ;) You got some lovely pieces. I can vouch for the tee and skirt (I have the tee in another color and tunic in the skirt print). I was pleasantly surprised with the tee as well.

    Enjoy your new lovelies!

  2. Oh man, I know what you mean about the J-Crack. I find myself perusing the site WAY too often... though lately my purchases have all been swimwear as the hunt begins for a new bathing suit for the inevitable summer pool frolicking. And J.Crew has so many adorable options. SO MANY!!!

  3. Nice finds! Curious as to what you think about the banquette dress - I couldn't figure out how everything the EXTREMELY low V revealed was ever meant to be seen in an office (or the rest of my life), so I passed. But it fit SO NICELY otherwise... :(

  4. mommydearest, you are on the money about the daring decollette on the banquette dress. I am NOT well endowed and have lived in A-Cup Land since middle school and even I think this was rather shocking for the office. Never the less I wore it today anyway. LOL. But if you've got anything more substantial going on than moi, then I can see why this dress would be borderline. You are right though, the rest of the fit of the dress is AWESOME. Overall I'm very happy with it.

  5. Ladies, as an update, my PS found the skirt in an 8, so the 6 is going back and I am a happy girl!

  6. congrats on your goodies. i have the neopolitan skirt as well, and i adore it! i got mine from a nearby store, and i had my eye on it for a while. i was so happy to bring her home! i know how you feel about not wanting to return it. i would hold on to it too. enjoy it!