Sunday, March 14, 2010

Will Work for Will Power

Hello, my name is Marisa XXXXXXXXX and I am a J.Crew addict. Ladies, I suck at this Must-Not-Shop-Save-Money-For-Kick-Ass-Kitchen thing. I mean, here I am, one minute teaching myself about the cost-versus-aesthetics of honed travertine flooring and then diving into the J.Crew muck the next. My problem is that J.Crew "muck" tastes suspiciously like ambrosia. Turkish Delite, even! Of which now J.Crew has a skirt aptly named after it! So it's all true!
Why is it that I can't stay away?? I am a loser with no will power, that's why, Ladies. That's why I have gone off the deep end with a mega-order, not even doing my usual panic thing before I hit the Check Out button. Y'all know how I am; I usually weigh the pro's and con's of this skirt versus that top. But not this time. I blame it on the stress of moving back to the US. There. At least there's an excuse --- a pretty good one, if I must admit!

Well, without further adieu, please meet the newest fabulosities that shall be calling my tiny Japanese closet home (well, for now anyway).

The Curator Pant.

Let me tell you about the hoops and shoots I have had to go through to get my greasy little paws on these very Not Your Average J.Crew pair of pants. I have been secretly pining for these pants. Away from the blog. Secret = Not on the Blog. I have been wondering if they were too fashion-forward for little 'ole me, who tends to be more of a preppy girl. But at some point, I don't know when, I decided I liked them. And that's when I found out that they're basically sold out on the site (available in 00, which perhaps I could get my ankle in, but that's about it). & so I called my trusty PS, who found them quickly, only to email me back with the disappointing news that the store that had them did not hold them for me. **Eye Rolls** She was quick to email me back and say she found them again and would I like them, to which my response was all, 'Hellz Yeah!' I don't know when I turned all crazy for harem pants. But I like these. I am planning all sorts of outfits around them and so I need them to get here ASAP so I can see what all the hullaballoo is about. Will definitely report back once they arrive.

The Neopolitan Pencil Skirt.

I confessed my love for this skirt upon its first release. But then my girl at Moda bought the Neopolitan Lady Jacket and I fully fell in love with the jacquard fabric. Absolutely gorgeous. Yesterday there was only my size left, so I took it as a sign and put it in the cart.

The Stretch Flannel Banquette Dress.

I've been staring at this dress for a while. It has the most perfect little cap sleeves and who doesn't need a fabilis little black dress for work? Yes, it was meant to be mine. I've rationalized that my new peeps at my new job will like me better and faster if I wear this to work vice any and all of the other 2,567,986,569,898 black work dresses that I have in my closet. Ladies, that's what I call logic.

The Merino Popover Tunic.

Finally, another piece that is a little too-cool-for-school but that I find so fabilis for everyday. Talk about wearability! This is one of those basics that will stand the test of time! Well, it better for $78 FP.

Anyone buy anything this weekend? Am I the only one that fell off the wagon?


  1. First: You crack me up with your, Must-Not-Shop-Save-Money-For-Kick-Ass-Kitchen thing, too funny!!!!
    Second: Don't feel guilt. You have been so good since your trip to Paris.
    Third: I know you don't want to hear that but you know that I always support your purchases.
    Forth: Best shopping ever! LOVE LOVE AND LOVE the pants, and the dress ohhhhhhhhh I want this dress for so long time...
    Fifth: Yes, i bought something...a little hat at the Piex, cute one!

  2. Girl the PX has been having some interesting pieces. I wonder if they switched buyers recently. I found a pair of very nice leggings from Kenneth Cole today. You see? The shopping continues. It's the stress, I'm sure of it.

  3. Leggings from KC?!? oh I definitely need to check it out..

  4. Ha Ha Ha...This was an entertaining read this morning. Especially after I woke up realizing I lost an hour due to the time change.

    Such great purchases. The pants really are cool and I hope they are just as great in person. Now I must resist the virtual peer pressure to go by more stuff from J Crew.

  5. All nice things you have selected. Love the Curator Pant!!
    I have been much better at not ordering things lately. I was really bad around fall and early winter. I just had to make myself stay away from the websites. It was hard at first then i did not miss it.... (much)
    I've been discovering new things to fall in love with again.... in my closet. ugg.

  6. Audreybella, It's so not fun to blog when on the shopping ban. & now I feel guilty and disgusting for even dipping my baby toe into the "muck." But I'll get over it. In my cute pants. LOL! Succumb to the virtual peer pressure! C'mon over to the Dark Side!

    Beth, I agree, I've been shopping my closet dutifully for the last 2 months and it has been the hardest thing, especially when all my stuff is at the dry cleaners and the rest I *may or may not* fit into (um, Europe, that's all I'm going to say). I totally dived in but I think this will last me a while. Then I'll be back to checking out the lovelies in my closet again. :-)

  7. Funny Post--I can never seem to enter my Crew shopping cart--everytime I think I'm "finished"--bam--J. Crew dangles something so irresistable in front of my eyes!!! They are REALLY GOOD I TELL YA. Right now I'm covetting the Watercolor Cardigan--but my cart is filled with items totalling some big money.
    C-r-A-z-i-N-e-S-S! But I love their stuff!!!

  8. instead of "enter" I meant to write "empty!" ;)

  9. yogagirl, my cart never runs empty. Never. It's a disease, I tell ya. I love the cardigan you have your eye on. There are quite a few things I wouldn't mind making mine. But I must resist and be strong and turn my attention to more pressing things. Like the move! LOL. Take care!

  10. I really enjoyed reading this post are just too cute and funny! I really like the Curator pant and have an eye on them for myself, as a matter of fact. Otherwise there really isn't much in this last rollout that I am overly excited about...big relief, too!

    Congrats on all your new goodies, btw! I know you're going to look fabulous in them! :)

  11. 生活總是起起伏伏,心情要保持快樂才好哦!! ........................................

  12. FFM, the pants look great, they are a must and you're right - one of the few pieces I found myself gravitating towards this rollout. I miss Summer 08 with a passion. The cutest things! & then Fall 08, my hands down favorite!

  13. the curator pants are cute! i got a similar pair from zara...they're a bit baggy in the butt, but they're super comfy.

    and um, i've been falling off the wagon almost everyday. it's so bad! i've vowed to stop forreal though, with the wedding coming up in 6 months i know i can't be spending on anything else, sigh!

    and um, yeah chinese spammers-quit it! i've been seeing this on so many other blogs lately.

  14. I've never even been ON the wagon, I'm so bad at curbing my spending habits, hahaha! I'm not a fan of "harem" style pants, but I am very interested to see how you look in these!

  15. Tippy, I've missed you! The Chinese spamming situation is out of control. Really? On the fashion blogs?? It's sooo hard to stay out of the business of acquisition (since this purchase, I've done the Liberty of London for Target ofcourse, and now want to jump on more I need that). Looking forward to your wedding planning posts! You must be excited!

    Amy, I've missed you, too! I will definitely update when the pants get here. I'll be so bummed if they don't live up to my high flying expectations, especially given the drama I went thru to get them! ON the wagon is a state of being I can aspire to but know realistically I'll never attain. It's like the mom in Vegas Vacation says about Wayne Newton.... "Unattainable." For sheezy.