Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When the drycleaning bill is scary, just shop your closet!

It has been a considerably long time since my last IRL update, I realize this. But Ladies, for sheezy, my outfits have seriously been lackluster and uninspired. ** Not worthy of a post or a picture, for sure.** But this morning, amongst the closet issues I have been facing of late, I was able to find some creative, fashion-forward inspiration; Something actually worthy to share avec vous, my interweb gal pals.

Today's outfit was one of those rare, unplanned outfits that came together without much planning, under heavy duress and some major work clothing shortages. Most of my stuff is at the dry-cleaner's, Ladies. I actually fear picking up my clothes right now, all due to the projected ginormous size of the bill. It is going to be so astronomically high, I actually fear picking up the clothes! Like my dry cleaner is holding them hostage and all I need to do is succumb to paying the ransom to look work-worthy again. It's ridiculous.

Anyhoo, that is neither here nor there.

I basically had one skirt to work with, a BCBG high-waisted black version. I had one loose tunic-ish top available at my disposal, and a cardigan with a droopy drape. I threw it all together and found my men's J.Crew belt and threw that on, too. Why not. It was there, it sort of matched the cardigan, it was meant to be.

Just call me Kim Kardashian, 'cause the boo-tay is out of control!
Out of Control!

I stepped back and actually thought, hmm.... not bad. I added the necklace of which I do not know the name that was recently marked down in FS. It's supposed to be all twisty and tangled and sort of adds to my devil-may-care ensemble. I have to say, I was so comfy today I wouldn't have known I actually looked half pulled together. & I got a compliment or two, aaaand I wasn't ready to pull it all off when I got home. Do you do that? I normally do...um, the minute I walk in the door. But not today, oh no. It was like I had a pair of sweats on. I was that comfy.

This outfit might have to make another showing in the upcoming future. I would say today was definitely a win-win. No fat feelings, comfy as all heck, felt a little pulled together, and was totally work appropriate. Today was a good clothes day! I would have to say this was shopping my closet at its finest and it actually worked. When you're forced to be creative, all kinds of cool ideas can pop up.

Anyone else shopping the closet? Have any great tips?


  1. It all looks great!! I really like the belt with the necklace.
    Very updated look!!
    I wish I had some styling tips like you asked for....I just started to buy those good fuzzy clothes hangers and I have to say they work so much better and they make it easier to find my clothes. They hang better and I can get to them and see in my closet with them all being the same size/height.

    Hope you all are doing well,


  2. Very cute outfit. Keep that one in the rotation. :-)

    If shopping the closet, I try any combo I can. I always find some surprises and definitely more creativity emerges by being open.

  3. Very nice! I did pretty much the same outfit with a jjill skirt that was too big cinched with a rough belt, a j crew silk/cotton shirt, and the jcrew pecan michelle cardi. Got compliments, too.

  4. I love days like this...pulling something out and it turns out so much better than expected! You look polished and put together.

  5. It's always awesome when you're able to throw something together and find that it works really, really well. I like how sleek your outfit is, and how that tangled necklace and brown belt just give it a hint of something edgier.

  6. You look so great! Definitely keep this one in rotation. :)

  7. I have the same necklace - the Salon Necklace. I've been wearing it ALL the time.

    Love the outfit. I like that luggage-colored brown belt with the black.

  8. Beth, good hangers make or break the closet decisions. I use wood and go into conniptions until I transfer all the newly dry cleaned clothes (which I have yet to pick up, BTW) from their skinny metal ones to my fabilis wood ones. Talk about OCD but so much moola is invested in that little closet, incredible care must be taken with its contents!

    gigi, I was really stoked with the outfit, mainly because of the fun that was involved in putting it together! It's nice to get a new outfit from J.Crew but finding one amongst the rubble in mah closet was funner.

    fidele, I think the color combo you talked about is awesome. Peeps always say to normally stay away from black and brown together but I thought it looked great and I bet your look was fabs too. Thanks for stopping by!

    Kathy, Thank you and I agree, always funner to find stuff and put it together. It's an incredible high knowing that you did good with what you had.

    amy, I do like the tangled necklace against the polished look of the skirt/top/sweater. & the brown belt has just enough "rough" in it. Love that you pick up and can talk to the details, Amy! That's why you are so awesome!

    FFM, Thank you!

    audrey, Thank you for helping me remember the name of the necklace. I bought it in FS and am so stoked with it. It's hard NOT to wear it all the time - I've been doing it too. It goes with everything, it takes a tee and jeans and makes it look FABILIS. It really is a great piece.