Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dark Plantation Shutters Debut & the Retro Couch that got Away

First, thanks to everyone for chiming in on the counter stools. I agree that a back rest would have been ideal, but I ordered a single Restoration Hardware stool for a desk area and when that baby came in, all bets were off. I ordered 2 more and they are on their way. I liked them for their swivel, their roomy seats, and their vintage industrial look. I admit I chose them for style and function came a close second. But I'm happy with my choice and I can check that box as done.

On to the next. Our wenge wood plantation shutters arrived and I have to admit I love them. They pop against our white walls and look great against the dark, hardwood floors. A small tour:

The dining room - slash - bar - slash - library. I'm hoping to find some interesting shelving, and a great retro, vintage couch as starting pieces. Perhaps I can turn the inside of the Chinese armoire in the photo to the bar? Thoughts?

The living room also got its windows dressed up. We put plantation shutters on the tall, thin windows that flank the entertainment nook and white linen curtains on the big window over the couch. I'm not a fan of that couch. If I can find something with more clean, minimalist lines, I'd be a happy camper. Craigslist, it is.

The kitchen comes along. Those stools at the counter now? They will be going. That stool at the desk will have friends soon and the swivel action will make them all tall enough for the counter height. Am waiting patiently for their arrival. In the meantime, the kitchen is still a work in progress. I'd like to do a white subway tile backsplash treatment but have never done tile work before.

Alas, the retro couch I missed by 10 minutes this morning at a semi-garage sale in Honolulu. It would have been FABULOUS in either room that is calling for a retro couch, and I actually like the lime green color. It could also have been slipcovered in something more subdued, but you really lose the retro feel when you take away that great color!


  1. I love that couch. I also love the idea of using an armoire as a bar. And that couch is perfect. I would totally dig a couch like that in a grey fabric.

  2. I loved that couch, too! A grey would have been really nice. :0)

  3. I love your beautiful kitchen. So refreshing and goes so well with those plantation shutters. We have white shutters but love that dark color.

  4. jcrewphd, thanks so much on the shutters. We kept the bathroom windows white shutters but I thought the dark shutters would add some drama without me having to paint the entire house. :0)

  5. I prefer to use plantation shutters for doors and windows as a better option. Also installed shutters doors for top corner cabinets in the kitchen just as a fashion. It looks completely awesome.

  6. Jennifer, I love your idea for the shutters in your kitchen!! Original and I bet they look sooo nice!