Monday, February 7, 2011

More House Fixing Up

I have house on the brain. I admit it. I'm almost no fashion, all house these days. Thought I would snap a few pics and show what's been new in the house decorating department.

Pillows: Thomas Paul, bought from Gilt

Glass Sea Urchins: Roost
Pharmacist's desk lamp: Target
Spider Mums: Whole Foods

BTW, I am in LOVE with these sea urchins.

Pendant lamps: Roost
All installed and with some great Edison bulbs to boot. I think the next set of bulbs will not be as strong. These were 60 watt. I'd like to see the filaments! Hello! That's why I spent more on the bulbs!

Pendant lights off. I think they add to the clean palate I'm trying to go for.

What do you all think?


  1. You have a nice mix of items and they all go together so beautifully! I tend to shop for my home like I do my wardrobe, but instead of J. Crew I would love to just go to Pottery Barn and buy everything.

    Your house looks so clean, modern, warm and uncluttered...I love it!

  2. Kathy, love those words! Uncluttered, especially!

    DrDrama, thanks!!

  3. Picturesque and magazine worthy ! :-)

  4. This idea is so wonderful! I love it! Where can I find those? I will move to Chicago next week. I want to have those lamps in my living room. Before I bought my home there, I availed loan service at Enerbank, because my money is not enough for the expenses. Thankfully, they lend my desired amount of money, that's why I bought my house at Chicago.

  5. I love the Edison bulbs -- they definitely add to the clean look you're going for. Too bad about them being so bright that you can't see the filament when they're on, though! I love the little urchin vases and the pillows add a wonderful dose of color!