Monday, February 28, 2011

One Woman's Trash is Another's Treasure

Ah, the beauty of Craigslist, peeps. This weekend has pushed me from casual peruser to *in my own mind* seller extraordinaire! I have officially wandered into the dark recesses of Craiglist and put up my first ads. Um, no they weren't personals. Instead, it's home deco all the way, baby! Here's a sneak peek!

Small, Japanese glass floaters I bought and collected in Japan. Lovely, but not loved. So they must go. & go they did! I had a number of interested people in these within the first hour of posting. If anything, I've learned that as a buyer, I better be quick with the phone call if I want something I think others will want just as much as me!

The "old" bar stools that are making their way into a new home today. These were gone in the first hour as well. I'm sure it has much to do with my pricing, which I believe was fair and a little low, but I needed them to go. There's nothing worse than having tons of stuff in your garage because you're trying to make an extra $5. I have enough in my garage, thank you very much.


  1. I love Craigs list both selling and buying...though I used to get lots of spam emails.
    We just sold our Bugaboo stroller yesterday through CL. It had been sitting in our garage for many months and good to see that extra space and cash. ;-)

  2. Yes, I'm a total CL addict now. You're right, the extra space and cash is great. I also love the great deals!!

  3. Wow, between your awesome kitchen pendant lights and the Japanese floaters it's almost like I've been channeling your decor...Building my first home with my hubby and I am obsessed with finding a way to turn green glass bouys into pendant lights! Great blog.

  4. Hi Sam! Thanks for stopping by! Try googling glass insulator pendant lights. I saw them on and thought they were pretty neat. They take vintage industrial glass insulators of different colors (some that green color like the glass balls) and turn them into pendant lights. They're beautiful!

  5. Hi there! I'm currently looking for additional furniture and other stuffs to be displayed in our newly built house here in Texas which we finished with the help of home improvement financing for contractors. Anyways I really fell in love with that old bar tool and plan to have it for our library. Do you have any idea where else I can buy it? Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi Annabelle, they are from Pier One but are approx 5-6 years old so I'm not sure where you'd find them now. They have similar stools there now, but which don't have the backrests. Good luck finding something for your new home! I'm sure you'll make it beautiful!