Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daring Dresses... Part II

I'm a busy girl.  Besides the whole swimsuit dilemma, I've still got a chip on my shoulder trying to find some dress options to jazz up my otherwise mono-label closet that houses probably 99.9% Crew.  I drank the crew-lade, as it were.  My saving grace is that I recognize my situation and am aiming to correct it with some new and daring-to-me dress options.  All are courtesy of eBay that I have either won or am presently stalking. 

[Robert Rodriguez silk shift, photo courtesy of seller: dberlogar]

[Laundry by Design silk shift, photo courtesy of seller:]

[Paper Bag Waist Shift dress by Mad Style Clothing, photo courtesy of seller: eden247]

[Marc by Marc Jacobs Electric Fuscia Dress, photo courtesy of seller: onepinkmarket]

I (obviously) gravitate towards a shift silhouette because they're flattering on me, can be dressed up or down, day or night, flats or heels, cinched with a belt or worn loose, etc.  They are definitely outside of my comfort zone.  But I want to try new things!  I'm tired of being bogged down by the same old same old.  The Crew is the bomb for work.  It is my go-to, no fail work dress formula.  But outside of that, when I want a casual day, I want to reach for something a little more creative!  Something different.  So I'll continue to stalk these until I can figure out if I'm going to fish or cut bait.  Right now, they're so much fun to look at. 


  1. Those are all good picks. Definitely non-J Crew. #1 is cure, but on the sweeter side. I love the pattern & colors of #2. #3 will look really good on the right person. I think that's my favorite one. And the 4th one is pretty. I can see you in that, too.

  2. 1-3 I think are great. 3 is my fave, too. 4, I think I can un-stalk. It's cute as a party dress, but... thanks Gigi!

  3. I love #1! I never say no to a ruffle :)