Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Almost July... and I am STILL Swimsuit-less

Juicy Couture swimdress...the one piece option and the favorite from last time I was pondering swimsuits.  IMPORTANT: I will in no way resemble Megan Fox.  But the ruching of the fabric could hide any tummy imperfections.  

Photo Credit - Ebay Seller: Northernarnia ... a cute Juicy Couture tankini option.  Vertical lines on the seersucker part could be slimming, right?  I find this one charming, but I keep thinking my buddha belly will be exposed in this one, thereby negating any possible slimming or cute looking efforts.  

Juicy Couture Bandini bikini - another 2 piece option yet bordering slightly on the maternity look.  Possibly could be mistaken for 5 months pregnant with 2nd baby.  Hmm.  Risky. 

I am what you call a procrastinator.  Case in point is I still -- STILL -- don't have a suit for the beach yet.  & I have waxed poetic on this topic for a few blogs now.  I am in no way "beach body ready" and definitely need a suit that is cute, young, and keeps me somewhat modest.  

Well, as my lovely hubby said when he asked me to marry him on a pier in Myrtle Beach, SC....It's time to fish or cut bait!  I need to choose one and get on with my beach loving life!

Why is it so hard??


  1. I have a bathing suit from Kohl's that looks EXACTLY like the Juicy suit in the first pic. Actually, I have 2 like is black and the other is Coral. I hope you're able to find a swimsuit soon! Have a beautiful Sunday! :)

  2. FFM - Thank you! I'm going to the Kohls website right now!