Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Closet (& My Wallet!!!) is Thanking Me.

I've really got to thank all the incredibly smart JCAs out there.  I used the good 'ole "Check how many are left in stock" trick I learned by reading Joyce's blog here.  Decisions were made by seeing how many items were left in stock in my size and color choices and --- Goodness Me! There were only 1 pair of Georgi heels and the Cristobel dress left.  I can't even tell you how many pairs of shoes I've lost in my quest to get them on sale.  No more!  It ended today!  $99.99 for a cute black shoe (note: I never said "comfortable") is unregrettable.  The other item?  The dressy jersey twist-strap dress?  In black?  A no brainer in my book.  I am in love with simple styles like this.  Beach and sandals.  Or strappy heels -- like my red/orange suede J.Crew Twyla pair, maybe -- makes this simple dress a deal and a half.  There probably were more than 1 of these left.  But I loved it more than enough to need logical decisions to buy it.  

item: Dressy jersey twist-strap dress
item #: 14994

item: Superfine cotton Cristobel dress
item #: 12139

item: Georgi high heels with tassels
item #: 12346

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