Sunday, July 12, 2009

Buy to Love! Not Love to Buy!

Right now - starting this minute - I'm moving forward with a new shopping mantra:

Buy to love, not love to buy.

I have a tendency to shop. I know a lot of us do. I'm obsessed with fashion! I love to look chic and can easily succumb to impulsive and rash shopping decisions. I keep telling myself I shouldn't shop and I've gone on what I call the fashion starvation diet as many other women in my predicament have. The one where you just cut yourself off cold turkey? Yeah. That doesn't work for me. Because I binge, dear reader. I binge-shop, thus defeating the purpose of starving myself from the clothes in the first place. It's a constant struggle that sounds ridiculous if it weren't so freaking true.

Instead, with my new mantra, I'm going to tell myself -

Go out and buy what you damn well want to buy. But if you buy it, you have to love it. Not because it was on sale or because you got an extra 20% off. Sales are great but they are not a reason to shop. If you love it, set the debit card free. But if not, save your money and go burn off that extra fashion anxiety off at the gym.

[Small Font Clause: Mais oui, there is "un petit" caveat to the mantra - The point of all of this is to buy quality, not quantity. We are not to fall in love at the drop of a hat, all impulsive-like. Love of an item should take time. & also, love is not hoochie-like. So we are not going to go around and looooove everything we see. We are going to be selective, monogamous and ladylike about it all. If it's a Diane Von Furstenberg dress, so be it! If it's a See by Chloe top, that's ok! Just remember, it better be Teh most fabulousness you have ever seen -- not just a fleeting one night stand. Hmmph. There!]

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  1. I totally agree. Lately I have put many things back. If I wouldn't pay $19.99 for it, why pay $9.99 for it and *still* not use it. I'm thinking specifically of a bag I liked but am not in love with. No love = no wear. Or no use.

    Great post!