Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've got a few pieces I've been thinking about putting together in the library. Remember, I want a happy, vintage, Hawaiian type library bar, with Jack Johnson music echoing and mai tai mix nearby. Picturing these on the soon-to-be-found vintage Hawaiian rattan lounge chairs.

How is this very cool Jack Johnson poster by Tad Carpenter? I happened on it the other night and am purchasing it with another art print for the baby's nursery. I like the happy colors! & hellurrr, Jack Johnson is from Hawaiiiiiii. We must represent.

Since Bessie, my cowhide, will be moving along for greener pastures (Ha! I crack myself up), I've recently come upon Dash & Albert cotton rugs at Pacific Home in Honolulu. I have a major home crush on Pacific Home, but I digress. Let's dish about the cotton rug. I like this color and think it would go with my inspiration Thomas Paul pillow and the happy times-invoking Jack Johnson poster.

The library isn't the only room I have on my mind. I've got a nursery to plan, too and I can't forget about that! I spied this Tad Carpenter art print at Land of Nod for $59, framed. But Tad Carpenter's website has the 11x14 unframed version in all its adorable awesomeness for $12. Hubby loves this thing and wants it for the baby's room. Anytime my husband likes something I like... I have to get it.
Tad Carpenter Art Print, $12, signed and numbered

Now to find pieces that coordinate....


  1. I love Jack Johnson. Love the vibe of his music. Your space is going to be very soothing :)

  2. That whale print is adorable, love his little tooth!

    The rest of your house looks fantastic Marisa, I'm so glad the sofa found a wonderful home.

  3. @gigi, I love him too. I think I'm going for the perfect Saturday Afternoon room. Or the perfect, When Baby's Napping Room. ;0)

    @missy, thanks so much and hopefully will get to Owens&Co soon.