Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting Retro and Colorful in the Library-Bar!

New Idea for the libary/bar -- How about some color?? I know right, why didn't I think of this before? The room right now is blah and just doesn't fit in with the rest of the downstairs and I need it to flow, peeps. There's no flow. & no color, either. So to solve that, I've got to re-think the room a bit. Here's the room in its current form. Blah, blah and more blah. Issue #1: Bessie. Bessie just has to moooove along.

Now, this being Hawaii and all, I'm going with something I'm going to call, Vintage Pacific. That's my fancy-pants way of saying I'm going to be on the look out for 1950's vintage, hawaiian style rattan chairs and re-cover them with something more modern that goes with our (very basic) current color scheme. If you remember, I have lavender/violet Thomas Paul throw pillows on our sectional in the family room, so I need the library bar to be cohesive with that. I think a chartreuse green would go great against that color and still play nicely against the white walls and dark wood floors. What do you think of these Thomas Paul samples below?

Here is the type of vintage rattan chair I'm looking for. Again, very Hawaii, very Where's My Mai Tai. But with a modern fabric, I think a pair of these chairs would create the Pacific vibe I'm going for, without guests having to ask where my vinyl record copy of Tiny Bubbles is. I'm partial to the first and last print. What do you think?

The black chair that's currently there, my Don Draper chair, is probably going to go. But I'll keep the couch and the mid-century modern mango wood coffee table. I'm envisioning a clean looking area rug to lighten up the space, and a white ceramic garden stool in the middle of the two rattan chairs. A tropical cocktail or two for guests (mommies-to-be will refrain, bien sur), and we'll be good to go!


  1. My sweet friend, I always love your ideas, you are clever and you know that. The Thomas Paul's sample is very nice however I will pass the chair....for some reason, I don't see you seating there.. BUT, if it makes you happy that is what matters!!! Love ya!

  2. omg. those prints are too cute.

    love your blog, following you now :)