Monday, April 18, 2011

House Tour - Progress!

Thought I would share some updated photos of our Hawaii house. It's coming along and I have to say we've made some progress with decorating this week. If you remember we bought in a newly developed neighborhood, chosen from a number of different models. The exterior is cookie cutter, but I was hell bent on making sure the interior was not. So we chose floors, counters, etc through the developer's extensive design house choices and I was pretty excited with getting the bones right, but I've been waiting to get the furniture pieces to my liking, and I think I'm getting close. Below, a small tour in recent photos...

Living room and kitchen. We just got this great, huge and WHITE washable sectional. The couch pillows are Thomas Paul. Those big, wood screens are actually antique doors from China. The table is also a Chinese antique.

The Library/Bar comes along, but still needs work. I need more shelves, more books, more barware. & I especially need more color in here. It's pretty monotone right now, so I need some cool accessories to keep the feeling young and also to tie the room to the rest of the house.

The kitchen, with a view of the french doors in the library/bar.

A view from the main hallway/entryway.
I'm super excited to have the house come along so far! What do you all think?


  1. Beautiful!!! I love white and I love a house full of white furniture! We are few from the mom's world that would choose white.

  2. Outfit of the Day, thank you girl. You are right - we are one of the few!

    Day Old News, thanks so much! I'm pretty happy with how it's looking!

  3. Yea--OMG--I DIE!!! You are sooo lucky!!!

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! It looks so clean and crisp and perfect for a tropical location. We have a sectional on order from Ethan Allen and I cannot wait to get it!

  5. yogagirl, we love it, thanks!

    DrBabyMamaDrama, You're right, it definitely delivers in the tropical, beachy department. I love that feeling! Missed that when we were in Japan! Can't wait to see your sectional when it arrives, your house is so gorgeous as-is, I know you're going to make it amazing!

  6. Love the kitchen and those dark floors!

  7. Thanks Rose! Hubby actually picked out these floors. He has good taste!