Thursday, April 21, 2011

Losing Followers is no Fun!

Since switching subject matters, I've seen a number of followers fall off lately. Boo! I hate that! :0( Of course I'd be happier talking about houses and furniture and have lots of followers, but if it can't be, then it can't be. Hoping that you'll consider staying!


  1. Yeah, I don't get it, either. :) My only thought is that folks could just be getting off blogger entirely which means that all the blogs the follow get "un-followed."

    I am not even sure how to un-follow, so I am currently following blogs that don't really fit me like I thought they did or that haven't even published in YEARS. LOL.

    I love your thoughts on ANYTHING, so don't worry about losing me. Promise. (Unless I stop being a blogger, but chances of my itchy fingers giving up writing? Pretty darn slim.)

  2. Um. I'm a lifer.

    Congrats on the boy news. I'm so behind on catching up on my bloggie gals. This is perhaps because my cellie is from 1952 and I have not made the foray into Smart Phone territory. In addition, our 1 computer is in the man room, so when I'm doing my mommy thang (i.e., nursing, diapering, running around like a lunatic), I am sans Internets.

    Seriously, your house is super gorgeous.

    PS - I'm hearing Mad Men is having major problems with budgeting. That shit better get back on the tele this summer. For reals.

  3. My sweet friend,

    As you can see, this is happening to everybody in the blog world! I lost around 5 followers for the last week or so. I was sad and I almost gave up! So, don't worry, you are not the only one and your blog is fabulous!!! Try to post couple times per week.

  4. This also happens to me, and yes, it is definitely discouraging. Just hang in there! You do have loyal followers who aren't going anywhere. I love reading your blog no matter what you're discussing for a particular day. Write about what you love and your audience will find you! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  5. How about this, I'll join you for the first time? I'm equally intrigued by fashion and decoration. And, clearly you have wonderful taste and style.

    My best friend has a gorgeous house in Hawaii. I understand it's paradise on earth -- next to Paris that is. . .

  6. @Dina, I never thought of that and I have to tell you thank you for sticking with me!

    @Susan, thanks girl - do your mommy thang and thanks for the kudos!

    @Outfit of the Day, You're right and I haven't thought of that. It's frustrating though and makes you wonder why? :0)

    @FFM, Love that you used the word loyal. I have to remember that. Thanks so much and have a great Easter weekend too!

    @Tish, Sounds like a plan and appreciate the follow!!

  7. maybe those that followed earlier loved the girly appeal you had when fashion was discussed....with the house, its not really 'girly' anymore, more contemporary art-ish, and mod-like. you'll gain different followers i'm sure.

  8. @Anon, this is true and you are right. Thanks for the wise words. :0)

  9. Sometimes ppl drop, as happened to me now that I'm expecting. Sometimes Blogger drops ppl off. At least that's what I think. FWIW, I read updates thru my Blogger Dashboard. I rarely ever access the sidebar in the dashboard and check for blog updates. I tend to visit people who show up in the dashboard and also ppl who visit me. You should visit other bloggers who are covering your current subject matter. You'll get new readers by and by. :)

  10. Tru dat, gigi. I know it's partially because I just haven't "socialized" yet with the blogs on the new subject matter and I need to get on with it. :0)
    Hope you are feeling well and take care!