Sunday, May 31, 2009

Covetous Purchesus

*Sighs*... If you saw this, you know I need to put the card down and walk away from the Mac.  Seriously.  I've done enough damage this month.  But look at these -- Just look!!  They are gorgeous.  I don't normally stray from my J.Crew-Banana Republic-eBay comfort zone.  I am happy there.  Usually.  Today, though... I guess I'm craving change.  & change that's... daring?  Dare, I say!  Yes, daring!  I need something hip!  I'm craving a cool factor, an edginess if you will, that I just don't get from my preppy-meets-eclectic J.Crew-centered universe.  

I started this morning on our usual website.  It's how I start all my mornings.  I don't even know if I should actually admit that.  Should I say out loud that I spend my earliest waking moments perusing the sale section of the site??  Pre-coffee?  In lieu of coffee??  Anyway... I digress.  So I'm on said website getting bummed by the stale merch that appeared before me.  Yawn.  Next task.  Check email.  & what do my crust-impaired eyes see?  An email from Anthropologie.  

Now I'm a casual Anthro peruser.  Sometimes the items are usually too hip for my speed.  But today, given my spunky mood, I check out the site.  & now I have $454 of the most cutest summer delectables you ever did see in my cart.  The question becomes 'Do I seriously pull the trigger on these?'  My aesthetic-loving side says, "Heck yes!  Aren't you going somewhere this summer?  Hellurrr???  Hawaii?  Tokyo?  If you order now, they'll be shipped and at your post office before you can say 'Bank of America.'"  Now, my prudent side says, "Aren't you forgetting you just purchased a ton of stuff from the Crew and Macys aaannnnd Neiman.  Just walk away.  You've got enough."  But ... they are so beautiful.  & really really cute.  My placating (is there a 3rd side?) side says, "Balance is in order!  Spend!  But spend wisely my young paduan."  Not one to ignore that totally sane yoda-ish advice, my decision most likely lies in the 3rd option, involving the whittling down of the cart.  But to what?? What loverly can I possibly give up?

Here they are.  The most hilarious part of all of this is that these pieces are really not daring by the usual sense of the word.  They are verging on plain, you could argue.  But they are daring for me because I don't usually dress this way.  I'm the girl that doesn't leave the house without piles of gramma-chic J.Crew jewelry, a pencil skirt, a dressy-dress, and a security blanket-like cardigan.  I think Sparrows and Sparkles said the same thing about Jackies, and its true for me too, girl.  

On to the Details: 1st Look: Fine Line Blouse/tunic $78.  Patchwork Eyelet Loungers $58.  2nd Look: Possibilities Cardigan $39.95 (sale).  Current Pose Crops $29.95 (sale).  3rd Look: Anchors Away top and bottoms $88 each.  Bitty Bloom Sunglasses $24.

What am I supposed to live without?  My gut tells me to keep the swim suit.  I need a new swimsuit.  & my small bustline is saying Woot Woot to that top.  Not to mention that my child-bearing midsection is loving the high-waisted bottoms. A definite must-have.  I love the white cardi for travel.  & the sale crops are adorable and I think very versatile.  Onto the tunic and the eyelet pants.  Hmm.  A look I could maybe live without.  The pants especially.  But the top with a pair of black leggings could look casual, pulled together, etc.  & lastly, those sunglasses... I know they're out there.  But sometimes one needs a just a little irreverance in their life.  My Chanel pair needs a break every once in a while. Seriousness needs to be set aside today!  

[Another shot of the Bitty Bloom sunglasses... Tell me.  How can I not love these for $24.95?]
Not to be singling out one website in particular, I've also created a cart over at  Hey.  If I've already got a $454 cart at Anthro, why not create something similar at Saks too???  But here, I'm loving this: 

Now this is daring.  I could honestly say that.  Say Hi to the Rebecca Taylor Embroidered Bra Top Dress, $206.90 (sale).  How *freaking* cute is this dress.  Trendy cut.  Trendy color.  Soooo not J.Crew-esque.  Anti-esque, maybe. Especially in the boob-bra-top department.  Despite the trendiness, this is cute!  Paired with a featherweight cotton cardi, I could straddle both worlds!  Daring, yet myself.  Because the number one fear of all of these purchases is that they'll be worn once, maybe twice, then relegated to the back of the closet only to be brought out again when I'm looking for things to toss to make room for newer more fabulous-er loverlies.  & that is a crying shame.  

So I need to ponder these!  Daring ideas should probably be made swiftly, but I need to think.  Am I going to wear these?  Then maybe I should get them!  Because they could be there for me on the days when I feel a little anti the Crew, a little rebel-without-a-cause-like.  Don't know yet.  But will keep you posted!  

What do you think?  Help, ladies!  This is when a girl needs her friends in the blogosphere - Should I purchase?  Should I whittle the Anthro cart?  

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  1. Don't feel guilty, it's only in your shopping cart.