Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome to My Closet, Lovelies...

Items I'm loving enough to open the purse strings for:

1. Eyelet pencil skirt in shadow
2. Liberty art fabric shirt (regular $118, on sale $39! A deal!)
3.Featherweight cotton v neck cardigan in black
4. Gold mini pull-on silkskirt
5. Rimini gladiator sandals in ivory
6. super 120s astrid jacket inblack

Neiman Marcus:
1. Vince navy blue blouson strapless dress

1. Calvin Klein black peep-toe slingbacks
2. Circa Joan and David pair brownlizard looking sandals with high stacked wood heel

1. BCBG dress mauve pink silk top, black skirt.
2. Jcrew Cotton silk ruffle swirl tank in ivory (current bid: $37, reg priceright now at J.Crew website: $79.50!)

As I'm Polyvor-ing new outfits to work in my fabulous new finds, I find that the cotton-silk ruffle swirl tank in ivory is going to play a huge role in my plans. Sight-unseen, it's appearing to be the perfect solution to my wardrobe woes for the summer. a) It's white. b) It can be dressed up, it can be dressed down. & c) It's not too ruffle-y. The eyelet pencil skirt was a must-have. I love the minimalist, classic shape of a pencil with the fabric and texture of the eyelet. & the color tones the lacy-ness just a tad, which amps up the skirt's ability to work in a myriad of roles. Let's face it. I can't keep buying new clothes. I need the pieces I choose to buy to be smart choices, capable of bridging the gap between Saturday casual, Sunday lunches, & yet still be appropriate for the office in hot months. All of the looks I'm loving lately are coming accessorized with the men's distressed brown leather belt. I love the off-kilter factor the belt conveys against the lady-like, prim feeling of the rest of the outfit. This belt was a great buy. I seem to be wearing it with everything lately.

So here is my vision of a simple summer outfit for work. I'm an analyst. It's not like my office is totally casual or anything. But I think with a simple black cardi, like the Featherweight Cotton from J.Crew that I just got, the look will seem apropo for the weather, pulled together enough for the briefs I need to attend, and still classic and fresh.

working summer
working summer by nojcrewinjapan featuring J Crew

This look was inspired just a tad from the catalog pics. I love the Super 120s fabric and finding the Astrid in black and in my size with 20% off was just too perfect not to pass up. It was like the stars aligned for me. I'm envisioning it with the Cotton silk ruffle swirl tank in ivory instead of a plain white tee. Since I can't wear denim to work - especially ones with holes in them - this look will have to be saved for a Saturday lunch with the girls. But I can't wait to put it together.
Saturday with the Girls
Saturday with the Girls by nojcrewinjapan featuring J Crew

What do you think?

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  1. The working summer is TOO CUTE, actually is not cute, it's BEAUTIFUL!! I have to start to buy smart like you, making sets make much more sense.