Friday, May 29, 2009

I don't usually do this, but...

Here I am planning what I'm wearing tomorrow.  & I have no where to go.  No where special.  I'm thinking maybe I'll walk with the hubby to the cute little pancake place near our house for breakfast.  Or maybe we'll check out the fab little cafe near the seawall for some omelettes and illy coffee instead.   I know I'm dropping off some bags to the thrift shop.  & I know I need to swing by the post office. I'm pretty sure I have dry cleaning that needs to get done.  & the hubby is desperate to go the new Terminator flick.  We could do that.  In any case, I don't know where I'm going tomorrow, but I know what I'm wearing.

Outfit Details: J.Crew's Dressy Jersey Strapless Dress in dark charcoal.  Ladies, this is a fabulous dress.  The drape is flattering.  The twist at the bustline a nice touch.  The fabric is rather heavy but at the same time, fluid.  It doesn't feel cheap, if you know what I mean.  This dress can be done up or could be a bikini cover-up.  It really is versatile.  At $78, I know it's a little steep for a jersey dress that looks pretty casual, but I've been really happy with it and found it to be worth the (full) price. 
Also shown: The Featherweight Cotton V-neck Cardigan in Black.  Since this is still being shipped over to me, I will substitute with another black cardi.  I have a pair of grey gladiator sandals I purchased from Forever 21 earlier this month that are similar to the ones shown.  Same goes for the grey scarf, except mine is from American Eagle. 
Two things shown that I am desperate for: 1) Tocca Eau de Parfum spray in the Brigitte scent.  Oh.  Pure.  Summer.  Heaven.  2) Tom Ford Anais sunglasses.  I need a new pair of black shades.  It's imperative.  & these are just fab fab fab. 

What do you think?  Do you plan your outfits in advance?  

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  1. You are getting so cool. Love your errands outfit.
    I will post mine errands outfit tomorrow.
    See ya tomorrow for dinner.