Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I Wore to the Wedding

One Great Dress
One Great Dress by nojcrewinjapan on Polyvore.com

So one of my oldest and dearest girlies got married this weekend. Such a great girl. We've been friends since we were 12. She went to Notre Dame, moved to San Francisco after college, and then found her way back in the islands a few years ago. Great girl who found herself a great guy. They had a gorgeous wedding which I was lucky enough to attend, flying in from Okinawa, Japan to see her walk down the aisle! There was no way I was missing the day.

After some deliberation, I wore the cotton cady Claudine and my metallic Lulu peep-toe heels. I had brought the silk taffeta Gracie & the strapless Carolina as well. A girl needs choices. In the end, the Claudine one. It just felt better. I love the cotton cady fabric.

& I was dripping in accessories. I wore so much J.Crew jewelry it was ridiculous. I looked a little crazy. But the real ridiculous part is that I actually brought all this jewelry with me. Who does that?? & I bought more while I've been here. I have needs. & they require sparkly pretties.

In the end, we had such a great time. & everyone looked fab. When I get back to Japan I'll definitely post some pics. Damn me for taking pics and saving to the camera's memory instead of just getting a new SD card and not bringing the USB hookups! Grrr. Will definitely add a post with some great photos of our awesome Waikiki weekend.

Accessory details: Belt - Men's distressed leather. Necklaces - Crystal Chain Necklace and Pearl Chain Necklace, layered. Bracelet - Pearl Cluster. Ring - Cluster Ring. All J.Crew. Sunglasses - Chanel Pearl Collection '08.