Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cowhide Chair Redo

I'm thinking of taking on a new project, peeps. A girlfriend has dubbed me the "most productive pregnant lady" she knows. I guess it's a nesting phase, but it's got me in its clutches pretty bad. With that being said, let's unveil the idea!

The Inspiration: Le Corbusier Cowhide, metal and leather chair. A great homage to the original is on Room&Board for $749. I say, we can do this with what we have!

The Victim: Mid Century Modern metal and leather chair found on Craigslist for a deal. Sure, it's got some rust on the bottom stand. That I can fix and clean up. But the leather cushions are showing their wear, and they need to be recovered.

Why not recover them in cowhide? & worst of all, I have a cowhide folded up nicely in my storage closet. Good 'ol Bessie... she was supposed to be a great floor cover. She should be seen!

What do you all think? I'd keep the leather on the arms, which would continue the look in the inspiration piece. It wouldn't be an exact replica of the Le Corbusier chair, but it would look pretty darn cute!

P.S. - The Travel link is now up! Hope you like the photos there!


  1. awesome post!
    love your style =D

    follow u now

  2. You always find the coolest idea! I am into animal print as well and I can't wait to find the perfect leopard chair!

  3. Did you ever do this?? I'm wanting to do the same thing.