Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeling Organized and Fancy Free!

Organization is a good feeling, peeps, especially when it involves making sure that 10,000 tiny lego pieces are all picked up and put out of the way. Little Guy's closet system is in, and with a few touches via storage bins from my favorite French store, Tar-jhey, a little boy's crazy mess is now contained.

I have to admit there was some level of drama, most likely due to pregnancy induced hormones, where I panicked when the wall of shelves I thought would be on the right ended up on the left. Luckily Hubs swooped in, with his cool, level-headedness, to snap me out of my perfectionist paranoia. After some obsessing, I've decided the closet worked out well and happy with its ability to hold ALL -- literally -- of Little Guy's things. You have no idea how much space is in the bedroom now.

Close Up: Hot Wheels and Bakugan can live harmoniously with storage bins from Target.

On the opposite end of the closet, Little Guy's existing bookshelf was organized for books, sketch pads, and art supplies. Little Guy keeps his most prized possessions in that beat up shoe box. No amount of Mommy pleading to toss it would be heard by the boy. New closets were in no way a reason to dump his beloved old shoe box. Oh well. Pick your battles, Mama.

Above the bookshelf, legos find a home on shelves in primary colored bins next to some hanging clothes. Below, the rest of Little Guy's surf-themed room.

We went with Potterybarn Kids a while ago for the bedding. Little Guy's pint-sized surfboard can be seen in the background, below. & yes, I guess there's no real reason anymore to call him Little Guy, is there? & so, Kelly makes his debut in the blogosphere!

Last photo from today... The remnants of a loverly springtime brunch with the extended family. Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa omelets, cheese danishes, and fruit salads with vanilla yogurt were served up this morning alongside some bellinis for the non-preggers women in the audience. What a perfect Sunday!


  1. Oh it looks SO good! Isn't it so wonderful to have all the extra room in his bedroom now? What does Kelly think about it?

  2. Hi FFM! He loves the extra play space, that's for sure! The closet is something he'll appreciate later when he can find everything he owns and knows exactly where everything is! Well... that's if it all gets put back in the right spot... :0)