Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Hangover... According to Moi.

Longtime followers of this blog know I am overly analytical, aka, I am incapable of making split decisions. Deciding things on a whim is just never going to happen for me. Today, folks, I feel like I just got up from a bad hangover. Oh, I totally know what those guys were going through.

In a haze of shopping euphoria today, I walked out of West Elm with a pair of 108" curtains for the french doors in my library/bar. I present to you, Exhibit A, below.

Concerns (because you know I got 'em) :
1) I was supposed to walk out of there with a pair of white, sheer linen panels. The ones I'd been staring at online for the last 2 months. The ones I'd told myself were going to work in the space. Of course, when I saw them in person, I thought they were on the thin side. I mean, yes, I get that they were sheer, but I wasn't expecting ultra see-through.
2) Grommets. These curtains have grommets. Nuff said.
3) Did I mention that my mind was set on plain, white curtains?

library bar set 3

Now here's the kicker - I've actually looked at these curtains over and over, too. Oh you know I did. I'm not that spontaneous that I could have bought these without some thought over them. & no, they're not a terrible print or even crazy colors. But I'm so worried the room will look overwhelming!

So what do you think? Do you think they'll be too loud in the room? Do you think they won't "go?" I've over thought everything and stayed pretty sober in putting this room together and this one shotgun move has me woozy and light-headed. I just keep thinking, I was supposed to get sheer white, linen curtains!

Maybe this is the panache I need? Am I that boring that panache is delivered in the form of khaki ikat? Oy vey...


  1. good choice.i'm going to be spending some time w/ home decor myself...prying myself away from shopping for clothing and accessories:)

  2. OneFashionistaDiva, that's good to hear that you like the curtains. I brought them home and Hubs is on the fence. We both like our "safe" choices but sometimes you need some chutzpah, you know? Thanks for stopping! Take some pics of the home decor goings-on! Would love to see what you do!

  3. My sister has these in her house and I love them. Keep 'em.

  4. I like it, I like it! The white gauzy curtains will be around next spring when you want a change.