Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Changes in Just 6 months

I was going through some photos and had a good little laugh at the decor changes we've made in just the six months since moving in.

Here's our living room now. & I can tell you that lamp in the foreground is already replaced by a Jamie Young tripod leg version that I heart so much more.

Here's the Before version. While the Thomas Paul pillows, coffee and side tables stayed, the couch was nicely replaced and what a difference it made! I love, love, love our massive white sectional. We can literally have the whole family over and have enough seating for everyone. Plus it looks fabilis. The leather set we had before sat just a few people and was seriously bulky. The only plus it had? I didn't have a fit if the dog tried to sit on that. Nowadays? Cardinal sin for Rocky to even try to jump on my massive white behemoth of a sectional.

Speaking of Before photos, here is the room with the most change since we moved in. It was originally supposed to be a dining room, but we are a family that doesn't "dine." So Hubs and I decided it should be a library-slash-bar. & it's first evolution? Very Mid-Modern, Mad Men, complete with a cowhide on the floor. Rocky liked Bessie.

Ah, but that didn't last very long. Numero uno, Hubs hated the Mad Men look. He wouldn't step in the room at all, except to make a quick exit to the front porch through the french doors. Something had to be done, so here is the After.

Comfy, beachy, but still a little vintage in the feel. Now that the big pieces are in this room, it's just coming down to the accessorizing and we'll be done! Can't wait!

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  1. The re-o of the no dine room worked out perfect. I love the way the other room looked, but functional is better than a pretty museum space esp if you have kids & family.