Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking in a Play in the Playa Linen Dress

In a fit of craziness over the tiered ruffle skirt, I bought it at FP.  Then ofcourse as it always happens, I came to my senses and said, "What the HECK was I thinking?"  The skirt is soooo cute.  But I feel just a tad bit ridiculous wearing the thing walking around with my 5 year old.  Pershnaps if I was in my (very) early 20s, this wouldn't be an issue.  But we ladies of certain d'age know that tiered cake-like ruffles and the 3-0 just don't mesh well.  

So I made the return, and just in time, too!  Saw this morning the skirt is in FS -- Pardon! -- Spring Sale for $79.99.  In its place I bought the linen Playa dress in white, the Crystal Chain necklace, and the Featherweight cotton v-neck cardigan.  I walked out spending like double the price of the skirt, but I think i can pull off this look much easier and I still get to satisfy my whims for full-effect ruffles.  

The Featherweight cotton v-neck cardi I'm wearing in the actual outfit is a much paler, softer color than what I substituted it for in Polyvore.  I'm actually pretty impressed with the cotton used thus far.  Hopefully it doesn't fall apart anytime soon and keeps its shape.  I'm not a fan of the *new* Jackie, per se.  I think it's a little too short for my frame, and I don't like the stretchiness... It feels a little cheap.  I plan to test out the Featherweight today and see how she does.  They're the same price and so far from the looks alone, I might be back to purchase a few more.  Plus it has the pretttttiieesst glass looking buttons.  

I'll update as I see how it does. 

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Very very cute!!!! LOVE THIS OUTFIT!
    Come back home!!!

  2. Hey, did you go to Chanel to see how much cost our necklace?

  3. love the purse, I just love grey patent leather purses right now!

  4. Outfit... No, didn't check Chanel yet. Soon!

    Jemma... The purse is more of a very soft, buttery leather instead. But it's wonderful all the same! Thanks!

  5. I am really liking the look of this playa tiered dress! I see you previously purchased the strapless eyelet dress (which I have tried on and LOVED!) and I was wondering if you could compair the sizing of these 2 dresses?!?! I had to size-up from my *usual* JC size in the eyelet dress to get it to fit/zip over my large rib-cage (Gggrrr..) so I am wondering if I should order the same size that I took in the strapless eyelet dress or if I should size down to my *usual* JC top size for the playa dress!?! TIA! :)