Monday, June 14, 2010

Building a Better Cart: Great Sale Items that are Calling My Name

"Yooohoooo! Hey you! Lady who hasn't shopped with us for a while! Did you see this? Did you? Come over here and check these out!" Y'all I swear that is what I'm hearing from the J.Crew website.

I haven't been in forever. I actually made my first purchase from J.Crew since I've been to Hawaii only yesterday. That would be the first in 2 months. Please don't let that fool you into thinking I haven't shopped in eight weeks. Pshh! Ofcourse I have, but my world has been full of random Nordstrom purchases, Ann Taylor 40%-off deals, and great Target finds. & I'm proud to say, all in moderation.

But one little purchase seems to open the flood gates, do they not? So here I am, one purchase deep so far, and I find myself in less than 24 hours perusing the website and building a cart full of items from Summer Sale that are rather fabilis, if I must say so myself. & while I am supposed to be saving for my house and all the awesome accroutements that come with it, here I am, in J.Crack-land.

Stretch Flannel Banquette Dress, $129: How gorgeous for work. I have it in black but this fabric with its Heathered Grey color is amazing. J.Crew calls the color Heather Graphite. I call it fabric perfection. But mind you, it's for us girls who are not well-endowed. It cuts rather low.
Gabriella Dress $59 in black. I have it in Navy. Aaah, do you see the pattern arising? I already have this one and here I am buying in multiples. But I'm in Hawaii, peeps. Hawaii. Where the sun shines 99% of the year with a cool breeze keeping the temps roughly at 80 degrees. All the time. Everyday is beach day. & thus, I justify the multiple purchase of this great dress. Plus it hides the rolls and focuses on the upper chest-a-ses area, therefore highlighting the good and camoflouging the bad. Yes. A worthy purchase indeed.

The Surf Blossom Shell: I love this for its ethereal 1920's feel. Like I'll feel 20lbs lighter in it. I'm envisioning very cute with distressed jeans (like below) or with a black pencil skirt and smart heels for the office (please, a blazer or cardi as a cover up. I have a rule about bare arms). Or with black skinny jeans and sky high heels for an evening of dancing with the girls. Me loves.

& finally, just a great pair of jeans that are a deal at $39. Matchsticks, which look great with flat gladiator sandals for day. I actually have siphoned my closet free of any light colored jeans after going through a few seasons of dark-dark midnight washes and blackest-of-the-black denims. So this is a great way to offset all that darkness. Let there be light, peeps! Let there be light!

But... And there is a BIG but in this. None of these can be mine, peeps. None of them. I have enough willpower to say no and back away from the shopping cart. I have a house to purchase. Floors to choose. Off-white slipcovered couches to buy. Chinese antique cabinets to display. I can not get distracted by these glorious items. Because you don't go in the hole by massive items. Those we all tend to budget for. It's the little items like these that pick away at our savings! & I just can't have that right now! I need to focus!

... But I still needed to talk about them. These loverlies. So thank you for being my sounding board! Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hey! We missed hearing your voice in the J.Crew land! I have that flannel dress in my cart, too. It is absolutely lovely, but I probably won't bite, since I have a very similar dress from Banana in my closet already. Good luck with the home decor choices. Such fun!

  2. LOVE all pieces. Hey, don't be that harsh to yourself, get at least one!!!!!!

  3. DrDrama, I have a bevy of black dresses, but none that are heather graphite! Still, I probably won't bite either. I'm being a good girl and not pulling the trigger.

    TOOTD, Girrrrlll. I bought a white tiered dress that looks to be store-only. Will have to take a photo to show it off.

  4. Funny post, and so true! You had me going for all those items, only to bring me back down to earth. I hear you on that. I don't always make the 'right' decision, though...:)

  5. Sue, I don't make the best decisions all the time either. Trying to stand my ground and just "window shop" but it's not so easy! We can commiserate together in the event we both fall off the wagon!