Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just the Bare Necessities: A Few Pairs of Shoes

While Hubs, Little Guy and I wait for most of our things to be shipped from Japan to Hawaii, I am living on a limited number of shoes, ladies. Which for fashionistas like ourselves, is akin to water rationing or some other similar personal sacrifice for the greater good. What I've done to "prepare" for this, has been to limit the shoes in rotation to a few pairs that can work overtime, look fabilis in a number of different and varying situations, and just work it for momma. So here they are, all lined up and ready to go.

(L to R): Nine West Nude Platform Peep Toe Heel, Ann Taylor Black Platform Faux Snakeskin Heel

I find these two in heavy rotation at the office. The nude peep toe for $60 on sale at Macy's was a smart buy. It perfectly matches my skincolor, makes my legs look a mile long (and my self esteem 50 ft high), and goes with everything. I have a hard time holding back from wearing these every day. The Ann Taylor Black Platform heels are comfortable, elegant and were also on 40% off clearance. Can't go wrong there. Every gal needs a perfect black heel.

(L to R): Marciano for Guess Black Peep Toe Bootie with Lace Up at the Back Heel and Cut Out to look like Eyelet, BCBG black braided sandal
Aaah, these are the fun girl shoes. These are the pairs momma wears out on the town, which doesn't happen too frequently. However, have you ever noticed that Girl's Night Out always seems to sneak up on you, and then you're stuck infront of the closet going What am I supposed to wear??? I get that alot. But oh not anymore, ladies. Not with two pairs of fun shoes ready and willing to go out. The bootie is SEX on a stick. They are on-trend, make every outfit look fierce, tones down the girly effect of whatever dress you've got on, and perfectly juxtaposes that feminine-masculine balance in an outfit. I love them. But they're not appropriate for every public foray. That's why I have the BCBG's, because sometimes, I really want to look like a girly girl. & here's the pair that makes that happen.

Jeffrey Campbell Brown faux snake skin flats with Wood Trim.
I bought these at an upscale department store in Bangkok a few years back and I just can't part with them. I recently just sold two pairs of TB Revas on eBay, and yet these stayed perfectly safe in my closet. I think they are so adorable, and not too mention comfortable. You always need a pair of ballet flats. With white jeans this summer, this pair will up the ante on any outfit I decide on. They are the perfect go-to flat.

J.Crew Serengeti Juliet Heels
A mainstay. A classic. Always there to spice up a black dress in the perfectly elegant way. The wood heel is the perfect height, the patent exterior never looks bad and wears very well. I've had these for over a year and they still look great. That's not easy to say for most pairs of shoes that are similarly priced. For those days you just want to say ROAR, ladies, these are what you need. Another shoe that goes to the office frequently and gets me compliments just as often.

Ann Taylor Platform Black Faux Snakeskin Platform Peeptoe Sandal with Hood Heel

A fun shoe for the summer, and such a great deal. Originally priced at $198, it was marked down to a final price of $35 when I bought them. They are well made and fun in young, resort sort of way. & I'm in Hawaii, so these are great for when you want to sit (because truly, standing is tortuous in these) and look fabilis with a mai tai in your hand and a flower in your hair.

What can I say? J.Crew Flip Flops with the Platform Heel.
Comfy. Casual. Perfect for the beach or running errands. I've made toe marks already.


  1. Love the Marciano booties. To die for.

  2. Great post and I love the booties. You have inspired me to do a shoe post too!

  3. Love that you both dig the booties. It's always nice to find a shoe like that where you know you've found something really unique.

    DrDrama, go with the shoe post, girl!

  4. We're about to move and already I am trying to consolidate my shoe collection. It is not easy! But I find that once I start to let go, it gets progressively easier. Anyway, I love the marciano pair!

  5. I'll have to do a post with the shoes- gotta get these buggers in an outfit post