Monday, June 21, 2010

Shopping Mom's Closet: Cole Haan Handbag for Moi!

Ladies, you know what's the best part of having a mother with good taste? Shopping HER closet! Now usually my mother keeps me out of there with a ten-foot pole, but somehow I made it in, promising to help her weed it out and put some things on eBay. That's when I came across this little baby.

First, it's Cole Haan Collection. Second, it's braided leather -- nude braided leather -- akin to something I might swoon over at Bottega Veneta. Third, it has the most adorable handles that fit into the crutch of my elbow in an ever so perfect Grace Kelly sort of way.

For the days when I must channel my inner Audrey, Grace or Jackie O., this baby is coming out to play.


  1. It is the perfect size and color! I do love a smaller bag and this one is so lady-like! Your Mom has excellent taste!

    My MIL and Mom's taste in bags and shoes do not translate to me, just as my taste does not go over too well with Seashell...yet! She is starting to like what is arriving in my boxes when it comes to bags and shoes.

  2. Kathy, that's exactly why I love this bag - ladylike it is! Hope you've been well!

  3. What a great find! I would love to shop your mom's closet ;-)
    BTW, I haven't commented lately buy I have been reading. Just wanted to say hi and welcome back!

  4. That is sooo beautiful! I love Cole Haan's handbags! They have some more braided leather bags out this season (or last season?) that I've been drooling over... but must.....resist! Haha!

  5. Hi Ema! Long time! Thanks for continuing to read! Love to see the familiar faces!

    Amy! Cole Haan has some drool worthy pieces! Love seeing you, too!