Friday, June 25, 2010

New to My Closet: Yes, I Went There.

Oh I soooo went there. Head first, peeps. Not just like a little splash in the shallow end of the pool.... the DEEP end of the pool, where the big girls swim.

This dress was just too freaking cute to pass up. It's flowery and summery and wedding-y and baby shower-y and every event in the middle. It can be dressed up with heels or covered up (with the Jackie cardigan I got in matching Lavender... Oh, yes, I did go there) for those more demure moments. Or when the summer breeze is just a little to much to take bare-shouldered. I've never gone for the bare shoulder look before. I usually like symmetry, peeps. Either 2 shoulders covered or 2 shoulders exposed. This look is going to shake things up a bit. But me likey. Me likey very much. I need a little shaking in my life and my closet right now.

This dress, though quieter, I think will look fabilis with a my Joe's Jeans denim jacket. It is cropped and little and will look so cute against the white backdrop. I'm in need of a little summer lovin' not-so-serious pieces, and I think this will do the trick.

Ok, now why wouldn't I go for the cotton jacket in the adorable rose vines print?? Seriously? & for $60, I so went there. I want to have the sleeves hemmed to bracelet length and I want to wear it just like you see here, with denim cut-offs. I am so looking forward to this jacket. This is a little fun and doesn't look very hot. Perfect for the next few months.

You know sometimes a little shopping is a good thing. & when the pop-backs start up, I just had to!

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