Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stella Ain't Got Nothing on Me

Ladies I'm feeling like I got my groove back, blogging-wise. I think what it took was a good break from the blogosphere, time to get over the newness of my *old* location, time to visit with all the friends and the family my heart and schedule could fit in, time to visit all the stores I hadn't had a chance to go into over the last four years.

[Little Guy at the beach in Honolulu. Pail and watering can ready for sand castle engineering perfection.]

& also, a new blog layout! How are these fabilis new backgrounds and templates blogger is pushing our way? Loverly, if you ask me. I needed something to wake me up and I'm loving this new background. It is my summer sizzle, ladies! Pass me a mai tai-tini (Never had a mai tai-tini? Oh you must)! I'm ready for a little fun in the sun!

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