Friday, June 25, 2010

Outfits of the Week: Randomness is my Middle Name

So here is where the week started, ladies. With the new bag, recently swiped from my mother's third bedroom / closet. I started off a little casual, with a Maya cardigan in the great pale pink color as a cover up over my sloppy white tank and khakis. I thought blankly this week that if I threw on a crystal necklace - HECK - people at work would be brainwashed into thinking I was actually dressed up. Yup.

The khakis are Ann Taylor and I have to say are great pants. They are so comfy and I love the wash and wear. I haven't had a pair of pants I like so much as these in a long time, and these are petite so I didn't have to hem them up. Even better! I love how the Maya cardi photographs. It actually makes me appear to have something of a waist, which peeps, I most definitely do not have. God was slow to give me anything in the waist department.

Day 2 of the week? I made up the sloppiness from Day 1 with my favorite dress, the Serengeti. I tell you, this dress can do no wrong. I may not look fabilis, but I feel fabilis, and that's all that matters! (Notice Little Guys' Nerf gun in the background with rubbermaid full of foam darts).

Wore the dress with a rosette cardi from J.Crew Fall '08 (?) that I love. It has the nicest little glass buttons. The attention to detail like that is what brings me back every
A shot with the shoes. Ladies, I have found the most fabilis pair of nude peep toe pumps from Nine West... on sale, Macy's. It matched the cardigan and the purse. I went for all over primness. Love the way the pumps make my legs appear thin. Gotta love that lengthening effect! Even if just for smoke and mirrors!

Lastly, an outfit thrown together where I felt all monochromatic and happy for it. A full-skirted mushroom color dress, with a matching J.Crew cardi belted in patent black. The cardi had a little bit of bling on the placket and was just enough to raise my spirits on hump day.

Purchased today fro Off Saks: A new Rebecca Taylor dress. Can't wait to wear it tomorrow, ladies! OOTD's to follow!


  1. You look really polished with each outfit, and I laughed when you mentioned for the first outfit that is was thrown together- not at all! And I love the last outfit- the dress is really beautiful.

  2. Fab outfits, the colours in the first pic are wonderful together.

  3. Luve em all--esp. the Serengeti and the blue/gray outfit! Purrrtee!