Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wearing Today: All Flowers and Bubbles

On a recent shopping trip to Off Saks, I found this cute little Rebecca Taylor dress that my grubby hands had to get a hold of. I've never bought Rebecca Taylor before but I've always liked her pieces. Everything is feminine in a very relaxed way. You're allowed to feel like a girl without being corseted up. And I say, a dress that you don't have to wear Spanx with is a dress worth buying.

Worn with the infamous J.Crew Bubble Necklace. Though ridiculously expensive for a piece made of what to me is just *fancy plastic*, I tend to wear this necklace a lot and I get tons of compliments every time.

Flowy sleeves. I'm not usually a fan of the flowy sleeves. But I went there.

Perfect length, and I'm short. Worn with my Ann Taylor platform heels a J.Crew cardigan.

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