Sunday, July 11, 2010

What Was the Moment You Fell ♥ InLOVE ♥ with the Crew?

Fall 2008, Ladies. That was the moment I lost all self-control and went full-speed ahead with a 99.99% J.Crew filled closet. I dabbled before that, peeps. I started to get the itch that summer and fell for a very cute skirt/top/cardigan look. But Fall 2008 is what got me.

Hook. Line. Sinker. Put a fork in me.

This was the release that included the infamous bug pin, the over-the-knee socks, spectator open toe heels, the super popular rose tee that we are still seeing versions of, the silver shot metallic tweed dress and skirt...

The rose print abstract poplin dress, the double-serge pencil skirt that I still love to this day... On and on, folks. I could wax poetic forever on this one season. Which leads me to two conclusions to ponder:

1- Do you think that first season you really went gaga for the Crew was their best season / release ever? I mean, are we biased to believe that was *the one*?


2- Did you ever feel the crazy need to covet the entire collection? Do you scour eBay looking for pieces from your favorite season? Do you literally die a thousand deaths when a pop-back hits Final Sale?

I know I'm not the only girl who does this crazy $h*t. If you are also similarly suffering, tell me:

What was the season / release you fell in love with and knew there was no turning back?


  1. fall season, every season, for as long as i can remember. the argyle, warm caramel-colored vests and jackets, rich jewel tone velvet blazers, tweed, gorgeous pumps...ah, love.

    specifically, i remember going in jcrew for the first time on vacation in san fransisco probably in 1998 and purchasing the most gorgeous striped wool sweater...i'd still wear it today if i had it.

    great post!

  2. I had to have those spectator peep toes in the dusty rose. I still have them and wear them today. I got those on a pop-back and yes, died a thousand deaths. The catalog that sent me from buying a few pieces here and there to full fledged obsession is the March 2008 edition with citron colors, animal prints, flora sling backs (still wear them today), fiona jacket, metallic bermudas, navy sweater coat with white jeans and metallic zoey tank… it goes on and on. I haven't sold or parted with these items and wear them still. Loved that roll-out, but have enjoyed the new things too. Some of the old items were indeed too preppy for me, so I'm enjoying these edgier items as well. I just don't have a lot of bad to say =) The Lauren Hutton edition was equally amazing. She's unbelievably timeless.

  3. I became a customer in 2008. I loved so many things that came out that year. I had only 1 or 2 good experiences until I got to know the SAs during the website fiasco. And of course The Mothership is truly how I got to know the brand & merchandise. I've found everything I wanted thru Ebay, popbacks & the swap exchange.

  4. Kari, I look forward to fall every year too, and the Holiday rollouts. I always get excited to see what's offered. Those really are my favorites. It always feels celebratory.

    cdp, 2008, summer, where the catalog was shot in Morocco (?) turned me. The metallic Zoey tank --- love. Agree that before that rollout, I also felt it was very preppy. Do remember the rafia flower belt? It just tied on? I loved that with the olive polka dot pencil skirt and a cardigan.

    gigi, You bring up a good point about JCA. after becoming completely obsessed around fall 08, that's about when I found The Mothership and shortly after started reading all the blogs. The blogs (and mine) have probably fueled my interest. I remember the website fiasco, that's about when I started really liking the styles and pieces. Viva la eBay and the popbacks.

  5. I've been a J. Crew lova since college back in the (ahem) 90s. I don't know the exact moment I fell in love because I was probably studying ... or drinking heavily. The sweaters always had me at hello.

    The fall and holiday catalogues bring me such joy when they arrive at my door. One of my most fav collections was the one shot in Paris for the catalogue. I don't know the year. I'm not as diehard as all y'all with the deets - and the stalking final sale.

    While I am so thrilled to be with bambino, I am so looking forward to my due date of Nov. 8 with the hopes that I can snag some majorly awesome J. Crew fall gear that will fit my postpartem physique. Quite honestly, there's only so much Destination Maternity and Old Navy my body can take. I refuse to spend big dollas on maternity gear.

    I am still rocking many J. Crew Ts and dresses right now despite my bumpity bump bump. But, my body is too bootilicious for my beloved J. Crew bermudas and capris. Sobbing!

  6. Susan, First of all, HUGE CONGRATS to you and your hubby - an addition on the way! I'm so excited for you!! Don't spend the moola on the baby momma gear - planning for the post-baby wardrobe is funner and the long term investment!

    I think Paris was 2007? It was before I started to keep track but I will say that just seeing bits and pieces of the Paris shoot makes me swoon.

    Keep me posted on how you're doing -- I am really, really happy for you!

  7. definitely fall 2007, the paris catalog! i look forward to every j. crew fall collection :)

  8. Honestly I'm with you in Fall 08. When they put graphic tees with pencil skirts and flower belts, that was the turning point for me into obsession. LOVE!

  9. oh girl...i fell in love with jcrew fall 07. i dipped every now and then before that, but fall '07, the courtship was over and i said "i do." i really got into all the blazers, and there were these spectator flats that were to die for! i declare i was at work ordering something every week! i did feel as if i wanted an entire collection....that feeling has yet to go away. its so nice to know that i'm not the only person who goes crazy over this lol.

  10. Tippy, I think my wallet thanks me for not seeing the Paris catalog. :0) Thanks for stopping by! You must be so excited with your wedding coming up!, thanks for posting! You have a good point - the combination of style elements is what MADE that rollout / season sooooo good. Those flower belts... *swoon*

    OneFashionistaDiva, thanks for stopping by! You are not alone, girl! & from the looks of the responses, many a lady present also fell for J.Crew that season / rollout. Your recent spectator flat purchase is gorgeous. I tried those on recently and they are like buttah. Love those blazers!