Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It doesn't get much more girly than this...

Ladies do you not hate it when you've gone and written an entire post and then your internet connectivity goes from warp speed to slow crawl right at the exact moment you're trying to hit Publish Post? The stars have to align for that to happen. It means the cosmos didn't like what I wrote and the heavens wanted a re-do.


Perhaps they didn't like this OOTD. Perhaps they found it too feminine. Perhaps they thought I should have scrapped the photos and just waited for a better styling opportunity to come my way. I wouldn't say this is the strongest OOTD I've ever posted, but it's certainly interesting.

The cosmos aren't getting the best of me today. I'm showing off the lace, the pearls and the sparkly-sparkly. & then I'm going to find an LBD, some serious black pumps and take my camera out. Perhaps they'll like that outfit a little better. :0P


  1. So pretty! I think I may now need to stalk the sequinned pocket cardi on ebay. :)

    I hate blogger and explorer sometimes so much...and then I love them the next day. They together are the ultimate frenemies. LOL.

  2. Oh what a beautiful look, I really want that cardigan too now.

  3. Hi Dina, thanks! You sound like me with the eBay stalking. Good luck. The cardi is actually very very cute. Even with some major closet editing lately, I won't give it up!

    Hi Tabitha, thanks for posting! I bought the cardi back in December. I have a post from January and more photos of it if you're interested. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hrm, I think the cosmos are foolish if that's true because I love your outfit! It's so pretty and sparkly and girly ;) You must post the deets on your blouse (dress?) btw -- I am such a sucker for white lace, and it looks lovely to me!! :)

  5. goldenmeans, It's a top and you will love this: Juniors section of Macy's. lol
    Bought it thinking how amazing it was to find a lace top that actually looked and FELT antique. Perfect color, good feel, and has yet to fall apart despite numerous washings. Thanks for posting the beautiful comments!

    FFM, thank you!! Hope you're well!

  6. this outfit is so feminine and cute!! i love how pearls can do so much for an outfit too. hope you're well! it's disgustingly humid on the east coast and i would do anything to be in hawaii right now :)