Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh the Days of the J.Crew Charm Bracelet

As we swim in crystals and baubles and tangled chains of necklaces with, lest we forget, a tie-dyed ribbon or two, let us remember the sweet days of the J.Crew charm bracelet. I still have mine, peeps, and an evening spent on Memory Lane-slash-Ebay has made me think about putting down the mega huge crystals and once again picking up these vintage charmers.

Do y'all remember the Seafoam Treasures bracelet? This was my first J.Crew piece of jewelry. It was over the top. That starfish on the left? It was atleast 2.5 inches across. Aaah, the days of learning that J.Crew doesn't mess around with the size and proportion of its jewelry pieces. I still have this piece and it brings back such great memories of the seasons / rollouts of that time.

Here's the Seaside Charm bracelet. I swear it had been marked down into oblivion and despite that I could never get it to stay in my cart (that disappearing / reappearing feature of hot items I've come to know so well). Which is sad because I still really think it's cute. A friend has it IRL and I have to say those polka-dotted beach balls are rather massive. Still, I think the colors are preppy and pretty.

Last one for today, the Acorn charm bracelet. I do have this one and love to wear it with browns in the fall. It's such a simply designed piece and I always get tons of compliments when I wear it.

Have any jewelry pieces from J.Crew that you couldn't live without? Do you have any of these bracelets? Still wear them?


  1. I have the Seaside charm bracelet and wore it last week - very on-trend right now with all the nautical pieces for summer! I also have the acorn and seafoam necklaces. Because I type a lot for work, necklaces are generally easier to wear than bracelets - unless it's the weekend. :)

  2. Agree, they were charming and are actually classic looks that will always be in style :)

  3. Yes, I LOVE my older J Crew jewelry. I posted about my oldest pieces, a pair of yellow flower drop earrings, and a seashell/sealife orange and white charm bracelet on one of my earliest blog posts over a year ago!

    I have the necklace version of the starfish bracelet you featured, and just took it out on Sunday to wear sometime soon - love it! And yes, that main starfish is HUGE!

  4. I admired all of these, but the charms were too big on me! What I really wish I had bought were some of the gold-tone charm bracelets from 2007ish. I saw a Library Charm bracelet come up on ebay a few months ago, but then the auction was pulled -- one of the few times I've felt like shaking my fist!!

  5. ac, I hadn't thought so when I wrote this but you're right - perfectly in vogue with all the nautical themes of late! Very jealous of your necklace. Sometimes I wish I had gotten the seafoam one!

    Stylestance, Thanks for posting! Charm bracelets will always be classic!

    Suzy, see you have the starfish necklace, too! I might have to eBay stalk that one. Thanks for stopping by!

    Goldenmeans, speaking of library, a pre-owned version of the library dress was on eBay last night IN MY SIZE and under a $100. I watched it for about an hour before someone pulled the buy it now trigger. Talk about feeling the moment pass you by! Argh!