Friday, July 16, 2010

NoJcrewinJapan Approves this Fat Day Message

Ladies, please to be introduced to my Anthro bathrobe - I mean sweater - that makes all my worst fat day nightmares go buh-bye. Some days when I just feel blah and meh, I wrap myself in the comfy hug of this baby, relax the boa-constrictor-hold I usually have on my mid-section, and have myself a Nojcrewinjapan-Approved fat day.

Wearing Today:
No Name black camisole
Anthropologie tie front wrap cardigan (If you know the name, please let me know!)
J.Crew wool black pencil skirt

Shoes are J.Crew Serengeti Juliets

A very appreciative shout out to Kathy & Seashell at Two Hands Full of Daisies for the beautiful and perfect J.Crew pearl cluster bracelet I'm rocking today. They recently had a giveaway on their blog and I was the lucky recipient! I can't tell you how many times I've reached for this one since getting it in the mail. It is a new favorite and I thank those 2 ladies so much!

We here at According to Moi have a seriously busy weekend ahead...and it's only Thursday, ladies. I haven't been this much of a social butterfly since my early 20's! I usually keep it low-key, home-based and early-to-bed. Will keep you posted with some photos of the festivities when I can.

Well, I've hit my hyphenated-word quota for the day, ladies. I must bid you adieu here. Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. You don't look fat--you look great Missy!

  2. What a great bracelet. Lucky! :-)

    I *think* your sweater is the Graceful Point sweater, but I'm not sure. I have it in oatmeal and a irl pic in this post.

  3. Gigi! Thank you so much for the name - I remember you did a post on the cardi because I had gotten it just shortly after that.