Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrinkled White Denim Never Looked So Good.

Ohh peeps. Wrinkled white denim never looked so good. Over the weekend, I found the *must have* for my library, at the top of my wish list -- A slipcovered, white denim couch. & I was lucky enough to find a Mitchell Gold couch at that for a song on -- where else? Craigslist. Adding the couch to the front room / library / bar has really started to pull the room together.

Quick! Let's revisit the Olioboard for this room:

library bar sitting room 2

White couch? Check. Vintage 1950's Hawaiian rattan chairs? Check. Turquoise buffet / dresser? Check. Premier Prints Slub in Charcoal to recover the rattan chairs? Check.

Quirks and detours from the plan include the rug. I had ordered two of these sea grass rugs in a Gilt-infused frenzy one morning. Well now that I have them, I'm inclined to use them as Hubs has so delicately explained to me when I broached the subject of yet another rug.

Him: But didn't you just get this rug?
Me: Yes, but it's not on my Olioboard.
Him: Olio what? Didn't you just get this rug?
Me: Am I speaking Chinese?? Yes, I did, but...
Him: No more rugs. This one will work with your room just fine.

*Sigh* The big ka-bosh on the grey kilim I wanted... Oh well. Soon, honey, you will be mine. Hubs just doesn't know.

The start of the accessories. I found these two great, white vases at Ross and a frame at Pier One. & what couldn't be better -- the turquoise coral from the olioboard. God bless Pier One!

Upcoming - The gallery wall with recently ordered shelves from Pottery Barn and what to do with the wall space above the buffet!


  1. LOL! You are talking to a girl who bought two rugs today, so I am no help!

  2. So you know what I'm going through!